Foundation Training

Foundation Training exercises will teach you how to integrate muscle chains to move more efficiently, reduce pain and improve your flexibility, strength, balance and overall health. Foundation will help you stabilize your spine and core by teaching groups of muscle how to work together as a team. This will allow you to move more naturally and efficiently, helping you reverse the detrimental effects of improper movement patterns caused by a modern lifestyle.

Foundation Training helps balance those essential muscles in our bodies that are chronically short and weak due to a life filled with long hours of sitting, driving, computer and cell-phone use. The exercises have been effective for people of all ages, health and fitness levels; ranging from professional athletes to individuals with chronic pain, injuries and physical trauma. Throught the practice of natural movement patterns, you will be able to integrate these  new movements into your daily activities reducing the risk of injury and making you stronger with every move.

Foundation Training offers some of the best exercises for lower back pain and other body aches and pains. The program also helps improve posture, balance,  strength, flexibility, range of motion and proprioception. At the same time it can help reduce or eliminate chronic pain and create new neuropathways. Learn to move as nature intended.

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