E Power Machine

The E-Power is a new edition to the SO QI family, this revolutionary healing machine addressing eight different body systems at cellular level. The E-Power reconnects the electrical circuitry of the body that may be suppressed, blocked, damaged or broken.

What can this particular electrotherapy energy do for my body?

All of us want to stay youthful, stay energized and relaxed. The E-Power addresses all of these issues and more.

Some of the Benefits Reported:

Improved detoxification, reduced inflammation, pain relief, soft, smooth skin, stronger immune system, activation of cells and body functions, improved digestion and bowel movements, balanced pH level, stress reduction, improved metabolism, increased energy and well-being.

E-Power Machine:

"Excellent for ..., accelerated healing . Activates cells, increases blood circulation, ..., increases the ATP enzyme responsible for aging."

• "E-Power machine targets eight body systems:

o The Circulatory System
o The Nervous System
o The Digestive System
o The Urinary System
o The Immune System
o The Skeletal System
o Weight Loss
o The Skin"

• "Oxygenation , Blood Pressure, Detox, pH Balance, Accelerated Healing, Mental Focus - Improvement of blood circulation due to vasodilation allowing:

o Can lower blood pressure
o Can increase detoxification
o Accelerate healing of wounds"

"Bones - Triggers the Spleen and Bone Marrow to Increase Calcium ..."
• "Healing - Shortens recovery and repair time for athletes and personal physical disabilities by:

o Strengthening muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments
o Inflammation reduced
o Great for rheumatism, arthritis, bruises, fractures, paralysis, muscle and nerve tension
o Risk of injury and regeneration of injured cells reduced."

• " Pain - Relief by:

o Interrupting transmission of pain stimulus to the brain
o Muscle tension, leg cramps and spasm relief."

• "Your Weight - Improves the Function of the Stomach and Intestines through:

o Metabolism increase
o Weight loss and building of muscle mass increase
o Regulation of plexus myenterium by increasing digestion activity."

• "Your Beauty - Increases Collagen"

Company site- www.hteamericas.com
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