Di Morrow Method

By using the Di Morrow Method, it may be possible for women to reduce cellulite. This can have significant self-esteem benefits for women in that it gives them the power to maintain their bodies holistically, without resorting to cosmetic surgery. As well as cellulite reduction, the Di Morrow Method is used for face lifts and breast enhancement.

The Di Morrow Method is a method of body contouring that has been developed by Di Morrow over her extensive career in massage therapy. The Di Morrow method is completely non-invasive and can be applied to all parts in the body to bring about visible uplifting, smooth contours and firmer flesh. Exercise, dieting and other lifestyle alterations are not necessary with the Di Morrow Method.

 Di Morrow Method


Cellulite refers to a condition occurring in women, and some in men, wherein the skin of the pelvic region, abdomen and lower limbs become dimpled. Cellulite can begin to appear after puberty. The majority of females who have passed the age of puberty will experience cellulite to some degree.

It is not wholly understood by conventional medical science why cellulite forms. It is believed that there is a strong hormonal link, which would explain why men rarely suffer from the condition.

There is no link between cellulite and being overweight; people who are of average weight, or who are underweight, may still get cellulite.

Di Morrow Method Biography

Living in Newcastle, in the Australian state of New South Wales, Di Morrow operates her special clinic. Di’s extensive training history includes Japanese and Swedish massage, physiology and body therapy for sports injuries. Di Morrow has attained post graduate honours in the fields of facial massage, nutrition, Shiatsu pressure points, zone therapy and health research.

Di Morrow’s clients will tell you about her “magic hands”, she is said to have an extremely high sensitivity of touch. These abilities allow Di Morrow to sense minute body tissue variations through her fingertips.

To this day, Di Morrow continues to develop her techniques while teaching, running seminars, working and seeking further support for research into the properties of the lymph system.

moh55 Di Morrow MethodDi Morrow Method Development

Di Morrow began to first experiment with cellulite reduction when she was involved in the treatment of sports injuries. In her work, it was important to eliminate oedema from the part of the body being treated. Odema is an accumulation of lymph which leads to swelling. Through standard massage therapy, the oedema fluid is filtered into the lymph system.

However, normal massage therapy does not treat cellulite. Di Morrow’s experimentation on patients with both oedema and cellulite brought her to the realisation that cellulite was also caused by fluid accumulated within the tissue. As it could not be treated in the same way, she realised it must be stored differently. Oedema is actually stored in between the cells of the tissue; Di Morrow deduced that cellulite is caused by fluid stored within the cells themselves. Di Morrow came to understand that cellulite is caused when water accumulates within fat cells.

Over a long process of experimentation, Di Morrow was able to develop a massage technique whereby fluid could be expelled from the fat cells, removing the appearance of cellulite. Surprisingly, the Di Morrow Method removed cellulite not merely temporarily, but long-term; patient’s who had been treated by the Di Morrow method claimed that their cellulite did not return even months after treatment.

Di Morrow Method Benefits

The Di Morrow Method can be applied to any part of the body. Puffiness around the face and neck area can be reduced, resulting in a natural face lift. By applying the Di Morrow Method to the cheast area, the breast tissue can be rejuvenated without cosmetic surgery. The treatment can cause the breast skin to become taut and the breast tissue firmer. The Di Morrow Method is used to treat the saddlebag effect caused by fat deposits in the thighs. This is because the Di Morrow Method treats the underlying tissue that gives the tighs their shape. The many benefits of the Di Morrow Method can be experienced when the techniques are administered by a qualifed Di Morrow Method therapist.

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