Vegan Facials

OSEA skincare from the sea is a vegan, natural, and seaweed line of products for the entire body and face. Seaweed harvested from the Patagonia region of Argentina offers healing from cystic acne, and psoriasis, as well as being the more effective to sunburns than aloe gel. Rosacea can be addressed with OSEA facials and the guest would soon find they would be using the treatment product and not prescriptions from the dermatologist. Seaweed high in iodine heals the skin and is a gentle exfoliant.

OSEA facials offer immediate results bringing the water table up on the skin and all deep and fine lines become less visible. OSEA facials can work on eliminating sun spots and age spots. OSEA facials have an immediate lifting affect to the skin.

The feet and the body can be treated as well. Foot Treatments, Body Treatments that stem 90 min and 30 min Scrubs are available with OSEA of Malibu.

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