Zero Point Energy Therapy

Zero Point Energy is like the lowest common denominator of existence. It exists everywhere at all times. ZPE is the universal energy that is subspace. The concept was discovered by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, but up until this point, there has been no practical application for this knowledge.

We are entering a new era of zero point energy application, with remarkable results. The human energy field, when exposed to zero point energy, undergoes a remarkable transformation. Kirlian photography, which shows the human aura, shows that zero point energy strengthens and intensifies the human energy field.  Muscle testing shows that exposure to zero point energy results in increased strength and balance, within an extremely short time frame.

Zero point energy tools are becoming increasingly popular with athletes, as they improve stamina and reduce recovery time from exertion. Even physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and bodywork therapists are increasingly incorporating this technology into their practices as the results for their clients becomes more apparent.

Treatment with zero point energy is still new, and we don’t know everything about the how’s and why’s of the way it works. What we are observing is that clients who are exposed to zero point energy for the first time are experiencing remarkable reductions in discomfort, increases in energy, increases in strength and increases in balance. Zero point energy appears to specifically target and soothe the nervous and immune systems, as well as enhance the body’s flow of qi (chi).

Some reported benefits of zero point energy include:
• Removal of energy blockages, allowing qi (life force) to flow more freely
• Counteracting the negative influence of EMF radiation in the environment
• Restoring the integrity of the body’s energy field
• Improvements in strength, balance and endurance
• Relief of aches, pains and discomfort

Zero point energy is real and has real effects on the human body.

Doctors and other health care professionals are also talking about the effects of ZPE on their patients.

Zero Point Energy is even inspiring a whole healing movement.

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