Demartini Method

moh53 Demartini Method The Demartini Method has been developed over thirty years and combines research and studies in various disciplines including philosophy, physics, theology, philosophy, metaphysics, astronomy, psychology, physiology and neurology.

Through use of the Demartini Method, it is claimed that healing processes that may have, in the past, taken weeks months or years, can be now accomplished in mere hours. It is also a claim of practitioners of the Demartini Method that not only is the method effective, but it is also foolproof.

The Demartini Method involves the use of a series of pre-determined questions and actions which are directed toward the purpose of causing a person’s conscious mind to reach a state of presence and certainty and for their physical body to experience feelings of unconditional love and gratitude.

Demartini Method – Dr Demartini

Dr. John Demartini was born in Houston Texas. When he was seven years of age he was diagnosed with a learning disability. It was supposed at this time that Dr. Demartini would never learn to read, write or to properly communicate. Dropping out of school at age fourteen, Dr Demartini lived on the streets and survived by begging for food.
A near-death-experience at the age of seventeen caused Dr. Demartini to take a new perspective on life. He made a decision to dedicate his life to becoming a healer, teacher and philosopher. This has been his mission ever since. He became a doctor of chiropractic healing and a life long student of science, philosophy and theology. Dr. Demartini is one of the teachers who appeared in the well known movie, “The Secret”.

Today Dr. Demartini speaks regularly about transformation and self-actualisation and appears in over fifty countries across the globe. He is the author of more than forty books.

Demartini Method – Ideas

The Demartini Method observes that people can easily find themselves limited by rigid perceptions and as a consequence become stuck in a particular emotional state. Inevitably people become fixated on negatives in their life and lose sight of what is positive. The Demartini Method allows for people to view their lives in a balanced way, so that they may make the right decisions for themselves.

Once a person is aware of the positives in their life, they will be able to freely experience positive emotions such as gratitude and love. It is thought that positive emotions enhance the immune system and promote healing.

Demartini Method – The Breakthrough Experience

Of the many Demartini talks and seminars on offer, The Breakthrough Experience, an intense two day program, is the one that is most eminent. People who attend The Breakthrough Experience will have their day-to-day assumptions challenged, and will receive new formulae for living, achieving goals and relating to others. False personalities will be examined and participants will be guided on a deep exploration of the mystery that is life.

It is claimed that attendees to The Breakthrough Experience, will achieve greater clarity of purpose, love, self worth, certainty, appreciation and masterful presence.

Demartini Method – Online Store

A variety of products are available for purchase through the Demartini Online Store . Products include books, CDs and DVDs.

‘Gurus of The Secret’ is a downloadable audio series that incorporates a number of follow-up interviews relating to The Secret. Speakers include Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Demartini.

‘Life’s Driving Force’ features Dr. Demartini at his best and presents his core methodologies for achieving personal fulfilment. In this 2 CD set is contained information that is purported to allow for people to know their purpose in life, to make a valuable impact on the world, to have more power, to develop presence and certainty, to life life in a sincere way and to feel, no matter the circumstances of their life, loved.

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