Soul Memory Discovery

Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release all those troubling issues that limit our lives, and keep us from the full expressions of our Essences and our Beings.

The Soul Memory Discovery process is what we would call, “sacred ritual.” Sacred ritual uses the power of language to effect change. Words, as we know, are extremely powerful, and have the capacity to do many things.

Sitting in the Light in a Soul Memory Discovery session, surrounded with the love of your Guides, moving energies and playing in the sacredness, is truly an awesome, humbling, and life-transforming experience.

When we create sacred space and open a session, we can then find the origins of any issue, or complex of symptoms — be they physical, emotional, or spiritual, patterns in our lives, or even entire belief systems.

Soul Memory Discovery heals the emotional body, and can be helpful in eliminating symptoms of:

Anxiety & Fear – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Complicated Grief Reactions – Rage & Anger – Depression

Soul Memory Discovery resolves the problems of everyday life, including:
Relationship issues – Aloneness & Isolation – Lack of Abundance – Dissatisfaction with Work – Hopelessness & Despair – Feeling Lost or Stuck

Soul Memory Discovery has helped people move through physical ailments, such as:

Arthritis – Immune Disorders – Cancer – Headaches – Respiratory Ailments – Sleep Disorders – Asthma – Digestive Disorders – Seizure Disorders

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