Denas Therapy

Denas, which stands for Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulator, is a battery operated non-invasive electronic nerve energy regulator and stimulator which employs SCENAR technology at full strength. Denas therapy is non-toxic, portable, energy-efficient and completely drugless.

Denas is used within many spheres of medicine. Doctors, physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports therapist, beauty therapists, health practitioners, Naturopath as well as unqualified purveyors of healing treatment can all make use of Denas therapy.

Denas therapy optimises health, improves functionality, relieves pain and induces a person’s body into an ideal physical state by promoting the release of the body’s own neuropeptides.

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Denas Therapy History

Around 30 years ago, Russian scientists worked at the Centre of Aerospace Flights to develop technology that would control the internal conditions of the human body. The technology was known as SCENAR – Self Controlling Energo-Neuro Regulation. SCENAR technology was to be developed into a portable, non-invasive, treatment device with the potential to be used by cosmonauts in space.

SCENAR technology is related to TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator – a technology that was developed concurrently in the USA. The concept of TENS was to block pain, but SCENAR went further in that it aimed to modulate the body’s internal function and increase the strength of the body’s natural homoeostasis process. Thus SCENAR technology has strong parallels with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 1995 the Denas Corporation was setup in Russia, and it now produces a variety of Denas devices based on SCENAR technology. Denas stands for Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Simulation. Since the late 1990s, Denas therapy has spread around the world.

Denas Therapy Theory

Denas Therapy aims to strengthen the nervous system. The nervous system, made up of 40-45 billion nerve cells, is responsible for adapting the body so that it may thrive under a variety of external conditions. It is thought that when the nervous system is weakened, the body will be more susceptible to illness and injury due to external factors.

Conditions of disease or excessive stress, can cause the nervous system to malfunction. Until the nervous system is returned to its healthy state, a person will be prone to suffering from a variety of diseases.

A Denas therapy device will transmit a unique signal into the body, designed to correct regulatory deficiencies in the nervous system. It is thought that Denas therapy can reduce the time required for a person to recover from illness.

Denas Therapy Treatment

When Denas Therapy is performed, the subject must be either sitting or lying down. Where the Denas device is applied, it must come into contact with bare skin, thus it may be required that clothes are removed. The therapy is generally not uncomfortable as the power level of the device can be adjusted to suit the patient. Some patients describe a tingling feeling, or a feeling of slight scratchiness.

Results of Denas therapy can begin to appear quickly, but a course of treatment may consist of between 1 to 14 procedures. The degree to which nervous system function has been disabled must be taken into account when considering the time required to restore it.

The low voltage signal of a Denas Therapy Device, 1.5 Volts, serves to switch on parts of the nervous system that may have become accustomed to disease and therefore no longer fight against it.

Denas Therapy Benefits

Denas Therapy is popular in conjunction with physiotherapy. The self-healing potential that Denas Therapy encourages is considered to be extremely useful for people who have undergone physiotherapy.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system may be treated or prevented through Denas therapy. Doctors are now recommending Denas therapy to patients who may be at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Because Denas Therapy is non-invasive, it is well suited for use on children. While a child might be frightened or agitated by other forms of treatment, Denas Therapy can be applied to them easily.

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