Dry Brushing

1. It Can Help Boost Your Lymphatic System

Unlike your circulatory and cardiovascular system, your lymphatic system does not have a heart to naturally and constantly provide movement to the system’s fluids and toxic build-ups.

By properly brushing, you can help your lymphatic system efficiently transport white blood cells and remove any toxic residues in your lymph nodes.

A wonderful side effect is that your immune system gets a sweet little boost.

2. It Can Help Your Kidneys and Digestion

Although they almost seem completely unrelated to each, your skin actually has a profound connection with your kidney’s and digestive system’s functions and health.

By massaging the right lymph nodes, you’re actively getting rid of the toxins and excess water that cause feelings of being bloated. More importantly, dry skin brushing can preemptively make your kidney’s work a lot easier.

3. Stress Management

Besides feeling amazing for your skin, the daily ritual of carefully skin brushing can be relaxingly addictive because it’s the perfect way to manage your stress.

Think about it, it’s almost like a full body massage. Maybe slightly less messy. And at the end of it your muscles are relaxed and your mind is free of worries.

4. It’s Your Skin’s Best Friend

Not only does dry skin brushing naturally remove the dead skin cells littering your skin it can also help prevent and remove cellulitis.

By brushing regularly, you can help remove the fatty toxic buildup that is characteristic of cellulitis. These are then filtered out naturally through your body.

A Quick Guide to Dry Brushing

Look for a completely natural stiff bristled brush. Ideally you want a detachable handle to help you reach every part of your body.

Try brushing every day, preferably in the morning right before your shower.

When brushing, always try long sweeping motions. Avoid being too rough; you only want to cause stimulation not irritation.

Start from your feet and work your way to your heart. When you’re on your stomach, I recommend soft circular brush strokes.




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