All Love Skhm

Patrick Zeigler founded this Energy healing system after being inititated with the energy in the Great Pyramid of Egypt in 1980. 

When you are fully supported in a space of safety and trust to Feel your feelings while being fully present in the NOW moment, old suppressed and ignored feelings will rise to the surface like bubbles to be expressed and experienced and ultimately released.

Your All-Love resonance supporter (practitioner) is visualizing you in a place of perfection and love. Visualizing you in all your spiritual glory and bringing this energetic picture of you into your energetic space by a process of resonance.

As this energy descends on and through you, any feeling that is not in harmony with this love and perfection, will rise to be released.This release can take many forms, and your supporter will guide you to find your own answers to simple questions, which bring profound realizations during the process.

As this process unfolds you will realize that you are in control and that you are achieving this healing within and from yourself. It is not something that is given to you or done to you.

You are the healing process and you are the healing.

The process can be ongoing but incredible results can be achieved from the first time you experience it. Changes in your life as a result of this process are nothing less than transformational. Often impacting every aspect of your life.You will feel lighter and more open.

You will be more loving, compassionate and accepting of others and yourself.

Abundance and joy – which are your birthright – express there energies in your daily life more completely.

These feelings are anchored in your energetic system and can actually be passed on easily to others, sometimes spontaneously.
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