Bio Field Clearing

It is believed that humans can attract and create blockages of spiritual debris, causing disease within ourselves.  Negative ideas & beliefs, fear, trauma, abuse, addiction, relationship issues, negative tribal or familial ideology, religious constraints and past life issues which do not resonate with our higher consciousness are a few common causes of these blockages.  Bio Field Clearing is used when Reiki sessions and/or attunements cannot remove a blockage caused by spiritual debris that is stuck in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.  This is a deeper level of healing as the client must be cognizant of the blockage and ready to work with Reiki to address it and remove it in order to heal them.  There are seven questions that the client must answer clearly to be able to perform a Bio Field Clearing. If the person can not answer the questions regarding the blockage, then they are not ready to remove it at this time.

Clients should see a medical professional prior to performing a bio field to rule out any true medical issue.

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