Soul Portrait

A Soul Portrait is a gift from your soul to you and brings into the picture whatever it wants you to see and know about. It focuses mainly upon the artistic and symbolic representation of your soul as well as some of your soul's journey. It conveys information about the outstanding qualities of your soul relevant to this lifetime as well as presenting insight into the various challenges and dreams that you are here to explore and manifest. The piece also contains messages from your spiritual family as well as aspects of you from other lifetimes. Each soul portrait has an intricate and special story to tell. Each one is an extremely powerful and deeply empowering piece of artistic, insightful and energetic beauty. ~ from Sacred Soul Vision

A Soul Portrait carries your unique individual vibration and serves as a healing and guiding tool on your path, to help you reconnect to the depth of your gifts, your inner wisdom and your true power. It also helps you to connect and understand your Life purpose in this lifetime and guides you towards it's fulfillment.

Each piece comes with a detailed explanation of the shapes, the color meanings and the messages that are received through the painting process. Made to Order.
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