Dynamic Embodiment

Dynamic Embodiment© is a form of somatic education and movement therapy developed by Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, Ed.D. that integrates skilled touch, movement, & compassionate dialogue to help people of all ages and abilities to relieve their own stress, find enhanced expressiveness, and balance all aspects of the body and psyche.

Dynamic Embodiment sessions help to (or us/you/people):

The DE-SMT process uses Martha Eddy’s
Dynamic Development Cycle:


Martha Eddy’s Dynamic Embodiment teaches acute observation skills to identify:

Specific postural and movement patterns
Idiosyncratic use of the musculo-skeletal system
Subtle & related physiological activity
Non-verbal behavior
Internal cues of the body


Dynamic Embodiment practitioners are trained to use hands-on techniques and multi-sensory methods to support what is already positive in their clients’ movement and lifestyle. We use carefully selected touch and words to support clients’ awareness, actions, and emotional experience. By being witnessed using the movement observation system of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA)*, acknowledged in areas of movement efficiency and intentionality from Bartenieff Fundamentals, and supported by sensitive touch from Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®), Dynamic Embodiment attends to the whole person. Dynamic Embodiment teaches each person to use proprioception, nature’s gift of bio-feedback without being dependent on technology.


Once trust is established, clients and practitioners work together to set goals. Interventions come from Eddy’s integrative movement sequences (EddyWorks©), as well as her synthesis of Laban/Bartenieff with BMC® in powerful interventions. Practitioners are supported by the Dynamic Embodiment faculty to develop creative methods of their own. All DE-SMTT professionals practice efficient physical action, and clear verbal and non-verbal communication, along with a wide range of movement expression. They strive to model freedom of choice and how to discover options together with their clients and students. Dynamic Embodiment Therapists and Educators guide explorations using breath and relaxation, bodily awareness, and a full range of movements. Improvisation and creativity are central to the Dynamic Embodiment experience.

How Dynamic Embodiment Works

Ultimately Dynamic Embodiment empowers people to have keen self-awareness skills, and to apply insights to help others; DE helps everyone take observation of self into life’s pursuits. With Dynamic Embodiment any sensitive person can learn to use Eddy’s integrative techniques to meet one’s own or a client or student’s needs at home and at work, as well as in our communities.

(From http://www.movingoncenter.org/DynamicSMTT/)

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