Uzazu Mind Body Method

UZAZU gives you a new kind of “language”—one that speaks to and engages your whole mind and body as one dynamic, integrated process.

“In less than one hour, it gives my clients the learning and personal growth that otherwise can take months. ….they come out the other side with radical awareness and alignment. It’s a fantastic way to help them gain insight and move through personal challenges.”
Alex Iglecia, Co-Founder, Evolution Playground

UZAZU is a beautiful way of connecting your mind, body and emotions so you can deeply engage with yourself, others and the world we live in. A language that ‘speaks’ without words, UZAZU uses simple combinations of vowel sounds, thoughts, and movements to tap directly into different dynamics of energy—it gives you the tools you need to unlock the enormous potential of your body-mind connection.

UZAZU empowers us to access new levels of both wellbeing and productivity.
Like yoga and tai chi, UZAZU has been born of embodied experience and extensive collaborative discovery. Like riding a bike, or brushing your teeth, after a short period of repetition, you’ll find that UZAZU goes beyond something you learn or do—it quickly becomes an instinctive part of who you are.

UZAZU is grounded in 10 years of original research into the effect of sound on physical behavior and subjective experience with hundreds of subjects from diverse cultural backgrounds. It connects a broad range of principles both modern and ancient. UZAZU integrates a core set of sixteen physical movements, vowel sounds, and thought patterns with several leading theories of emotion, quantum energy medicine, developmental psychology/sociology, personality typology, and core principles from Chinese (Taoist) and Indian (Vedic) philosophy. With UZAZU, abstract theories quickly become concrete realities, and complex thoughts flow into simple actions.
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