Mace Energy Method

The Mace Energy MethodTM (MEM) is the practical component of Causism™, a new body of knowledge, a new philosophy of life. Its name is derived from two Anglo- Saxon words:

1. Cause: To create an effect; to make things happen.

2. Ism: A doctrine, principal or system

Causism has this mission statement: To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.

As for the therapy itself, what is indisputable is that feelings control our lives for both the good and the bad. They influence our attitudes, what we think, what we say, what we do and of course conversely, what we do not say or do. Unwanted feelings play an essential part in the procedure, because when a person puts their attention on any negative aspect of their life they automatically experience an unwanted feeling.

The essential part that unwanted feelings play in the Mace Energy Method was not the starting point, but part of its development. It commenced with the entirely accidental discovery that the mind has the incredible ability to create a mental image to represent an emotion or feeling. In therapy the image will appear when a client concentrates on any unwanted feeling. Strangely, the resultant image is totally divorced from the feeling and is also peculiar to every individual. For instance, no two clients get the same image for any commonly experienced unwanted feeling. Also, just as strangely, the images thus generated will be anything from a Giraffe to a beer bottle, totally non sequitur.

What is done with the mental image that represents an unwanted feeling, is of course the 64 Dollar question, except to say that when our unique procedure dis-creates it, it totally and permanently eliminates the feeling and any associated non-optimum behaviour.

    Salient points about the procedure:
  1. It gets its name because it harnesses our natural innate energy,
  2. It is entirely free of self-disclosure.
  3. The client is not only free of self-disclosure but is also free of the need to make any comments.
  4. The entire procedure only requires the client to engage in simple unvoiced mental exercises.
  5. Although commonly classified as counselling it does not really fall under that banner because it does not involve any discussion of troublesome or negative issues.
  6. The client is given no advice, even if they requested it, hence its mission statement:
    To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams.

Obviously there are some important questions to be answered as regards the use of mental imagery, so what follows is an analysis of the phenomenon. First some more questions: Why do emotions produce mental imagery when a person concentrates on one of them? And more than that, why are these images totally divorced from the emotion that is being addressed, for instance, why does one person envisage an apple to represent the unwanted feeling of say guilt, while another person may see a football when experiencing the same emotion? Additionally, why do the images bear no relationship to the unwanted feeling?

Please note that this last question relates to unwanted feelings, because an exception exists in the case of the pleasant and pro-survival feelings of which love is a good example. Experiencing love often results in many a client getting an image of a heart. A heart traditionally and universally represents love so that is an understandable and rational image. This last and vital aspect is elaborated on in the latter part of this article. In the MEM materials, the vast arrays of images that materialise are brushed off with the statement that the mind cannot think or rationalise. That is fine, but why does the mind produce an image in the first place? Before the advent of MEM it had no apparent purpose, in fact was a totally unrecorded and un-investigated phenomenon.

Mankind in all its guises, whether labelled as civilised or uncivilised, educated or uneducated, knowledgeable or ignorant, have since time immemorial been plagued by the irrationality of non-survival personality elements in the makeup of some of us, but it is only in our present lifetime, which spans a miniscule period of time in the overall scheme of things, that the key to this non-survival behaviour has been discovered, namely what we call a Negative Identity. This non-survival entity also has a positive counterpart, which is naturally named a Positive Identity. The identity is an energy mass adhering to each of us, which is entirely responsible for our individual personalities. This is fully explained in the book featured on my web page

With the discovery of negative identities and the development of MEM we have the key to eliminate much non-survival activity as well as enhancing personal wellbeing. However, tragically and ironically, at the same time we have also seen an incredible amount of knowledge, research and expenditure of wealth, devoted to the development of tools to annihilate each other and destroy our material wealth. Nuclear weaponry readily rolls off the tongue.

An interesting thought is that it is possible that some former person or per- sons in an extinct civilisation became aware of the phenomena of identities and associated mental imagery, but did not recognise its importance and failed to pursue it, or even if they did pursue it, it has been lost in time.

In my own case, as the discoverer of the connection between mental imagery and emotions I have devoted the last 50 plus years to developing a pro- survival technology in order to take advantage of the discovery. Thanks to the enlightened individuals working with me, we have reached a stage where my attention has shifted from refining MEM to answering some of the questions just posed.

In evaluating the situation regarding the application of Causism’s MEM, the basic conclusion arrived at is that the mind is the interface between the physical universe and the energy universe, but what does that really mean?

Before addressing that question, another thing to recognise is that from the moment of their conception, each and every life form is engaged in solving the problems of survival, not only for self, but also for its group and species as a whole, hence the Causism concept that survival is the primal urge of all life forms and certainly not confined exclusively to we of the human species. Having said that, although the above is an apparent truth, the concept must be expanded by adding that the urge to survive goes earlier than even conception, as demonstrated by video images of the male spermatozoa fighting to be the impregnator of a female egg. Obviously, the female egg is also engaged in the fight to survive, for medical science has established that once the egg has matured and is ready for fertilisation it commences to travel down the fallopian tubes into the uterus where it can be fertilised and thus develop into an embryo. The sexual urge fits in here somewhere, but I have posed enough questions so will leave it there and get back to the idea of the mind being an interface between the two universes. However before doing so and with attention on the sexual urge, it is appropriate to ask again, as play on words, “What came first, the chicken or the egg”?

To continue; as Beings we cannot help but survive, so the game of life is simply the urge to survive as a material universe species and this is where the concept of the mind being an interface comes into the picture. An important thing to consider is that every mental image representing an unwanted feeling is of course that of some object, which can only be of a material nature. (For the benefit of some future pedantic; if you can see it, it can only be an object.) The mind creating an image is a major plank in the interface concept. I was going to write theory instead of concept, but it is not theory, it is fact.

Also of importance is that the image is nearly always that of a terrestrial object. I say nearly always because of a one and unique occasion, a client’s image was that of a ringed planet like Saturn, but that is another story. Of course there is also the rare event when a client gets an image of a black mass or some such, but with judicious handling and statements such as “go to the top of the mass” or something similar, the mass is recognised as having both dimension and shape, both material elements. This encourages the theory of mental imagery as being an interface of human survival and wellbeing on this planet.

The basic component of the universe is energy. The best example of this is an explosion, which causes matter to revert to its natural state, energy. Please note, the word used is revert, not convert to energy. Let us envisage a session in which the client is told, “experience the feeling, keep your attention on the feeling”, for therein is buried the answer to the conundrum about the creation of mental imagery. The client, as an energy unit, converts the energy of the unwanted feeling into matter, but an important point is that the human energy propelling us and creating the image is devoid of classification. By this it is meant, that because the energy itself has no component parts, it can have no direct or inherent relationship to the subsequent unlimited variety of images. It is simply a case of you get what you get!

An added but incredible factor in the story of the mental image is that when a client is unable to envisage an image, a foolproof solution is to say, “What would you draw to represent that feeling?” That the resultant but completely abstract image is 100% effective in resolving the unwanted feeling is intriguing to say the least. This simple exercise of telling the client to draw something, with accent on the word drawing something, must hold some momentous truth. Just analyse it! Why should the mental envisaging of some randomly selected object be so potent? After all, the client is not influenced in any way as to what to produce. It is entirely their own decision, motivated by sub-awareness. Yet what it achieves is taken for granted by MEM counsellors, although any achievement surpasses anything ever attained by so- called mental health authorities. Delving into the mechanics and asking myself why, during the writing of this article has at last revealed the answer.

Like all great discoveries the answer is unbelievably simple, yet like so many earlier originations concerning Causism, it once again came to me “out of the blue”, so to say. It needs stating that the origination, “what would you draw” was not the product of some brilliant in depth analysis of the problem the client encountered during therapy. It was a brief moment of profound, unaware knowledge, which suddenly surfaced and motivating me to ask that all-important question. Anyhow, it all the above boils down to this: Why do the images follow no logical pattern and what is behind the creation of the mental image in the first place? As just stated, the answers have only now revealed themselves whilst compiling this analysis.

Material objects are the corner stone of Life and Living and any activity, no matter what, involves material objects. Even the philosopher sitting and contemplating life is no exception, for he is utilising his body, a material object. The client, the Being, bridged the gulf between the energy universe and life by creating an image to represent the material universe, but this expression is a monstrous generality. The physical universe is composed of an infinite variety of physical elements so that when the expression physical universe is used it is a catchall that encompasses each and every one of them. To solve the problem my question created, it selected any old object at random, for no matter what was selected it was a part of the material universe. Thus the nature of the image was of no significance whatsoever, but of infinite significance was the fact that it was an interface between the two universes.

This random selection is the key to the question posed to the client, “What would you draw etc?” This totally open question duplicated the dilemma faced by the client in his innate role as an energy unit. Without any knowing analysis on my part, the question posed was a moment of knowingness, beyond material universe strictures, hence the only logical explanation being, “out of the blue”. This expression itself creates an appropriate analogy using the infinity of space with the infinity of the knowledge, which resides in us all.

In the “Client education and Procedure” it states, “Feelings control our lives! They control our attitudes, what we think, what we say, what we decide and what we do.” In other words, they are integral as to how we operate in the material universe, but our existence as Beings are impervious to such considerations until we decide to play the game of life. In the final analysis, feelings and the material universe are synonymous; you cannot have one without the other! Where have I read that before!

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