Therapeutic Bathing

Therapeutic baths are baths which are designed to provide some sort of health benefit. They take a number of forms, from hot water soaks which include medicinal herbs to Jacuzzis with jets which are designed to massage aching muscles. Many cultures have incorporated therapeutic bathing into their medical practice, and it is usually quite easy to find a facility where therapeutic baths are offered or to create a therapeutic bath at home. In some regions, doctors may even recommend or prescribe therapeutic bathing to a patient.

The common thread held by all therapeutic baths is, of course, water. Water alone can be therapeutic , especially when it is warm, because people become buoyant in water, reducing the strain on joints and muscles. As anyone who has taken a long soak knows, warm water can relax muscles, ease stress, and help someone unwind from a hectic day. Therapeutic baths typically include additives which are designed for specific therapeutic needs.
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