Numerology Readings

Numerology is an inner blueprint of your entire being & perfectly designed to empower you. It’s not just numbers, it is “WHO YOU Are” …… your higher self. It is scientific, factual, & based on letters & numbers in your name & birthday. Every aspect can be observed individually, which makes it easy to explore any resistance to the fullness you can experience. Numerology answers questions for me in a concrete way.

Your “Life Path” is who you are, how you walk through life.

Your “Destiny” is what you came here to do, your purpose to fulfill.

Your “Hearts Desire” is what you secretly desire to be & relationships you choose. Personal year & Pinnacle show the path you’re on & it’s lessons.

Your challenge is the weakest link, the place to nurture & fuel, which leads to more balance when mastered. We also look at your intuitive, physical, emotional & mental bodies. It can be a very in depth reading or simple one.

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