Family Constellations

If you are looking to gain insight into the relationships within your family, community, and social system you may want to look to Family Constellations. It is an approach to healing that is revolutionary. It is solution-based, and it seeks to find the outcome that would be of most healing to the individual.

One of the main causes of strife, unpleasantness and illness in our lives is that hidden dynamic that exists within all families. This is not often easy to see. Family Constellations were developed by Bert Hellinger as a therapeutic method. It is put into practice by members of the psychiatric community and alternative healing practitioners. The goal of Family Constellations is to release tensions that exist between people in a given situation.

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Constellations are used in various settings. Those used within families are obviously the Family Constellations. Those used in business are Organisational Constellations. Burt Hellinger uses both in his practice as his primary method.

Hellinger is originally from Cologne, Germany, and studied Catholic theology, philosophy, and pedagogy. He was ordained in 1952, and worked in South Africa in a missions school until 1968. In 1971, Hellinger left the priesthood and married his first wife.

Family Constellations are based on the work of Virginia Satir. The theory has been further developed by a number of practitioners. Hellinger is known as the ultimate empiricist because his work is based on strict observation of phenomena. Often with controversial and surprising results, Hellinger embraces both the perpetrator and the victim of the trauma, incorporating both in the healing phase.

Hellinger, still living in Germany, is well-known, but controversial, and despite being more than 80 years old, he still travels throughout the world.

Family Constellations Description

Because much of the dynamic that is damaging to family relationships is hidden, Family Constellations offer a method to bring these dynamics and their affects to the forefront. Workshops begin with a group committing to be present during a sacred circle. The goal is to reach the archaic, ancestral, and collective wisdom and energy of humanity. There is a well-trained facilitator present, and the purpose is to allow all involved to reveal their feelings and find a place of healing and peace surrounded by family.

The facilitator watches for signs of things that do not feel right, or that create a negative aura in the situation. Many believe that this feeling arises due to unresolved traumatic events such as suicide, murder, death in childbirth, unexpected death of parents, abuse, natural disasters, or death of siblings. Believers in the theory believe that such events cause negativity that can be passed on for generations, even when there are family members that may not be aware of the events of the past.

Family Constellations Entanglements

Family Constellations is a method that takes into account that regardless of whether a mother or father was a bad parent, a patient’s perception determines their ultimate experience. The underlying dynamics of a family are going to be more of a determining factor than anything else. Sometimes there are members of the family that are ignored or excluded. If something tragic happens in family, perhaps a death during childbirth, younger female members of the family may conclude that childbirth is unsafe. Further damage may be caused if the child that was the result of the tragic childbirth may be treated differently. If a family deals with tragedies by excluding one of the victims, it will leave a lasting impression.

The result of these exclusions are family members that do not feel equal. The studies of those believing in Family Constellations show that years later, a child may adopt the behaviours of the excluded person that came before them. The child may lead a life that is similar to the one that was excluded. This child may know nothing of the one that came before them, and yet their life mirrors that previous family member’s. It is asserted that this pattern is proof that families are part of a greater thing, or a greater soul uniting them. This greater joining force is creating a situation where the family has the ability to right the wrong of having excluded that previous person. The new member of the family is connected to the late member, and this is known as entanglement. Because of Family Constellations, this relationship comes to light and a solution can be implemented to free the family from the entanglement.

Family Constellations Benefits

Family Constellations are an alternative to counselling, and there have been amazing and exciting results. The therapy is spreading throughout Europe and around the world, and it has been very effective in revealing a situation and moving a family toward a solution. Most of the families that have participated in the method have found a resolution in a short time, sometimes coupling their Constellation work with traditional therapy. A participant does not need other people participating to work through the issues. Sessions can be one on one or with a group.

It is important to understand that relationships are important and should provide you with peace of mind and comfort. All relationships can be affected by Constellation work, and we can help with these relationships through the use of Family Constellations, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Ego state therapy, or a combination of any or all of the therapies, designed to meet your particular needs.

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