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Maren Halvorson


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With the help of her team of spiritual aids, Maren is able to tap into various sources of unlimited love to bring you insight into the complexities of YOUR energetic story, communicating directly with such entities as the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, cats, the elementals, our beautiful Mother Earth, my AND your spirit guides, and divine Source itself.

Her higher self receives information from your higher self, and by chitchatting with her cosmic clique, she translates the received info into images and then messages, giving you all the guidance that your higher self wants YOU to know!

An energy scan from Maren often consists of:

  • information from each individual chakra, letting you know its emotional, mental, and at times physical health
  • loving messages from your loved ones that have crossed over
  • images and feelings from past life experiences
  • images and knowing of possible future experiences
  • healing and clearing with the assistance of the Archangelic realm
  • teaching you why and how to connect with the spirit of the planet again
  • teaching you tools for your individual chakra healing
  • loving, understanding and nonjudgmental support!!
  • (P.S. I have also helped a lost spirit or two find its way home to Source!)

All information you will receive is given to you with love-- love from many spirit sources that want to support you in your individual quest for personal growth in all aspects of your life. WE will help you do that!

Connecting with you individually and helping to find what you are looking for brings me boundless joy. You are each a very special light, and I truly look forward to uniting, knowing, healing, and growing with each and every one of you.

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    2 Reviews

    I was uplifted and assisted on my journey of healing and she helped clarify issues that I needed to see more clearly and release. Thank you for your love and light. Dean Forbes
    - Dean Forbes 4/1/14
    I enjoyed my free energy scan with Maren, which was a beautiful confirmation on my life purpose and the direction I'm moving forward towards. She also gave me suggestions on what to work on. I highly recommend Maren and will send her referrals!
    - Linda Zimmerman 4/1/14

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