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Sevonne Cohen
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San Marcos La Laguna

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Abracadabra = I create that which I speak. Our word creates are world.  With what words do you create?  What are the beliefs that underlay them?  What is the correlating emotional experience?   What patterns are present to hold life systems in place?  From describing the reality you want to live into to articulating conscious business structure, the words we choose create our world.  Sevonne's coaching technique involves taking a microscopic look into the beliefs operating deep within a person's psyche, in an organization, family system, or otherwise.   Blending rational thought with channeled guidance in her process of alchemizing, Sevonne interacts with multiple levels of consciousness to illuminate and bring increased possibility to conscious deliberate creations.

Astrology is my life's passion passion and constant fascination;  a student of astrology for 18 years, I am enamored by the celestial movements and how they correlate with our earthly experience.  Meeting a being where they are, using the birth chart as a beginning point for conversation, I create a space to shift possibility and ways of being.  From and evolutionary perspective, meaning that there is a purpose to this whole life thing, I offer guidance towards alignment with a beings' reasons for coming to this earth plane.

I anticipate encountering you in this adventure!

(Sevonne holds all kinds of basic and advanced accredited degrees and certifications, and will share those upon request.  Internal license is the one she values most and treasures the process of being with people as they align with their own internal validation.)

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    2 Reviews

    Immense gratitude for the depth of knowledge and presence that Sevonne brings to her sessions and everything she does! I am incredibly blessed and grateful for her keen awareness in sorting through the most relevant pieces to help me in my life. If you've been considering a session with Sevonne, ... Read More »
    - Emily Dryzga 5/16/17
    I met with Sevonne over skype for an astrology reading. She seemed to know me intimately, having a clearer sense of my life than I've ever been able to see for myself. Her skill with astrology was remarkable, and the advice she offered me about how to make changes in ... Read More »
    - Josie Burns 2/7/17

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