Sheri Kaplan
1 Review
3 Referrals
20 Years in Practice
Miami, FL

Sheri will incorporate Reiki, sound HEALING vibration, and other energy healing resources to clear your aura, balance your chakras, and raise your vibration.

Each session is unique to your specific needs. The practitioner may use crystal, pendulum, deep breathing and/or a hands-on approach to bring your chakras into your highest possible frequency for balance of optimal health and wellness.

Modalities include the following:

* Reiki and Energy Healing, Master/Teacher ...

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
1 Review
2 Referrals
17 Years in Practice
New Paltz, NY
Kingston, NY

My name is Maritday aka Ama’ritday ~ The Sacred Health Doula

Sharing what I love, helping people get informed is what I live to do. There is so much to learn, love, see taste and do. I want to be the torch that lights your fire within, Life starts with your spirit, your relationships, your job, your exercise I call this Primary Food and the food you eat is your ...

Erich Hunter
1 Review
0 Referrals
Heal Center

Dedicated to spiritual and esoteric healing modalities, Dr. Hunter has developed a unique healing synthesis that transforms body, mind, and spirit. After working for over a decade as a Ph.D researcher, and then award winning educator in field of the Biological Sciences, he fully awakened to his spiritual path and made a major life transition to follow his calling as a healer. While on his honeymoon in Bali, he ...

Elisha LightAngel
5 Reviews
1 Referral
6 Years in Practice
Dallas, TX
My name is Elisha LightAngel and this is my personal business.  As a spiritual healer, massage therapist, SSQF qigong instructor and food healing certified specialist I like to view the body as a complete vessel and provide healing for the whole person - body, mind, and soul. I am trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, trigger point, and medical massage along with qigong, Tu Na, Access Bars, and ...

Kevin Kornburger
1 Review
1 Referral
6+ Years in Practice
San Diego, CA

Nifty Shifts - Shift Into Freedom!

For info or to book: ,

Kevin's Sessions

Kevin holds a compassionate Safe Space for you, where all issues that come up during the session are kept in strict confidence. A session includes clearing, balance and release across the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic levels of Being.  You are more than you think you are.

I am guided ...

Amber Barton
1 Review
0 Referrals
Coeymans Hollow, NY

My journey to provide Reiki, Energetic & Spiritual Healing

Source Reiki is the product of my incredible personal journey to live a happy life.  It is my purpose to share Reiki and energy healing with others to help them do the same.  Through my own exploration I have found easy methods to add balance and joy to any life.  Thirteen foreign countries and forty-six beautiful states later my aim is to ...

Brynn Bishop
1 Review
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9 Years in Practice
Arlington, MA

Brynn Bishop, founder of Conscious Intimacy, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach with thirty years experience in the field of Conscious Relating. Her mission is to empower people to create authentic, loving, pleasurable relationships with themselves and others. Brynn specializes in helping people rewire their nervous systems towards greater connection & pleasure.

Brynn’s unique approach weaves together cutting edge Somatic Psychology and Trauma Resolution with Taoist and ...

Carlos Tavares
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Calgary , AB
I am committed to helping as many people in the world with this gift I have received and with Reiki I am not bound by border s or people, I am here to send love and light to the world if the world is willing to accept it. I am committed to you and your journey, the choice is in your hands, are you willing to take the first step.

Mendy Overly
1 Review
0 Referrals
10 Years in Practice
Travel to You
As a Social Worker, Ordain Minister, & Wellness Advocate I began working towards my life path to help others & to preserve nature. In 2013, Holistic Health & Spirituality was born. HH&S mission is to provide education, research and service to clients or businesses in order to bring wellness, healing, & quality back to life. Our diverse and multidisciplinary organization strive to advance health and wellbeing around the world.

Truth Berenson
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Santa Cruz, CA
Truth provides spiritually and psychologically focused bodywork which integrates energy-based modalities and counseling techniques. She supports clients to clearly identify and honor their boundaries and desires, expand resources for self-care, and create radical, profound, and sustainable change. Clients gain wisdom from their bodies by discovering and connecting to subtle body sensations, i ntuition, and creativity .

Truth is intuitive, fierce, and nurturing as she approaches each individual with high regard and ...
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