Ashley Kay
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9 Years in Practice
Boone, NC
Welcome to Ashley Kay Intentional Massage & Wellness!

I have been a licensed Massage Therapist + Energy Practitioner the last 9 years, both in North Carolina and Colorado. My massages are an experience. A customized and restorative time on both a physical and spiritual level. These powerful healing sessions are infused with a deep sense of intuition and focus. My offerings are on a broad spectrum, from relaxation and trigger point release ...

Steve Nelson
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7 Years in Practice
Palm Springs, CA
Santa Monica, CA
My therapy practice is in Auckland, NZ for 2015-2016.   I share office space with a range of very experience and professional healers.   I use only raw virgin coconut oils and other fine quality essential organic oils.    I provide an unconditionally loving space for you to feel higher states of awareness of your body.
Training techniques:
8years of meditation, yoga,  Reiki, Shiatsu, yoga therapy massage,  and other energy healing modalities.  2013 ...

Charlie Verschoyle
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Brooklyn, NY

Charlie studied acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in England, graduating with a BSc in Acupuncture. As a qualified acupuncturist, Charlie has been trained to uphold the highest standards of hygiene and to abide by a rigorous code of safe practice which is laid down by the acupuncturist’s professional body, The British Acupuncture Council. He also holds a post graduate qualification in Tui na massage.

Charlie strongly ...

Rylie Avants
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15 Years in Practice
New York City

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My name is Rylie and I have been studying Tantra and the Art of the Human Body for many years. I have found that something everyone has in common is "Sexual Interests". They want to know how to "Be a Better Lover". So due to this I have started teaching classes. I very much enjoy my work. I am a very positive person and can ...

Isabella Stoloff
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5 Years in Practice
Fullerton, CA
I opened the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 to assist people in clearing old karmic patterns. Since that time I have found that present day soul retrieval, along with other ancient healing techniques, assist my clients in healing at the deepest level, empowering them to live healthy happy lives. I have an Master of Fine Arts degree and am a graduate of the Healing the Light body school. I ...

Raymond Johnson
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Black Mountain, NC
Asheville, NC
Mountain Zen Shiatsu is the private practice of shiatsuist Raymond Johnson, a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NC #13209), a Certified Practitioner with the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia ( AOBTA ), and a graduate of Zen Shiatsu Chicago .

Zen Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that works muscles, joints, and nerves, but also energy within the meridians (known as qi). It encourages release of blockages and brings the body ...

Elizabeth Miller
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3 Years in Practice
Briones, Ca
I offer free consultations!

I am a Shamanic Reiki practitioner, intuitive counselor and certified in Lomi massage. I have found a lovely blend of these modalities to facilitate healing on all levels; physical, soul, emotional, psycological and energetic. I have witnessed this work help people: ●Be relieved of chronic pain
●Mend or find love relationships,
●Find the right job,
●Have reduced side effects from chemotherapy.
●Heal from surgery
●Heal their ...

Moonraven Apothecary
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20 Years in Practice
Wildwood, FL
We are a holistic wellness shop located in Central Florida. We offer various massage techniques, energy healing, chakra balancing, educational workshops, and more. We also have on hand a shop full of custom hand made crystal jewelry, loose crystals, herbs, professional hoops, and much more.

Come by or check us out online.

Margie and Kristen

Truth Berenson
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Santa Cruz, CA
Truth provides spiritually and psychologically focused bodywork which integrates energy-based modalities and counseling techniques. She supports clients to clearly identify and honor their boundaries and desires, expand resources for self-care, and create radical, profound, and sustainable change. Clients gain wisdom from their bodies by discovering and connecting to subtle body sensations, i ntuition, and creativity .

Truth is intuitive, fierce, and nurturing as she approaches each individual with high regard and ...

Amy Hearod
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Calera, OK
I am a massage therapist and have been for 7 years I also do energy work,Reiki ,Quantum Touch, and Reflexology.  I can do massage work on equine, canines and humans. Plus alphasonic Electric acupuncture, body wraps, facial, mud mask, and I make natural bath scrubs,and oils for massage and muscle pain.
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