Lauren Rock
12 Reviews
8 Referrals
11 Years in Practice
Los Angeles, CA
Lauren's passion and purpose is to help others reach their true potential and eliminate that which keeps them from their most joyful life.  Lauren has created a highly effective healing technique based on a blend of the powerful healing modalities for a results oriented experience that is also deeply nurturing and emotionally revealing.  She is a certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, Reiki Tummo and NLP and has worked ...

Kendra Prakash
2 Reviews
4 Referrals
8 Years in Practice
Pokhara, Kaski
Trujillo Alto, PR

Kendra Prakash Thapa is an experienced professional healer.  He learnt and practiced the alternative therapies and healing techniques under different spiritual masters and Traditional Nath yogis and Lamas (The Buddhist Masters). He have helped a lot of individuals to be free from sufferings and problems in their life.

Kendra Prakash continued his spiritual activities and started GN Reiki Meditation Center with SHREE KRISHNANAND JI MAHARAJ and started giving classes and ...

Sheri Kaplan
1 Review
3 Referrals
20 Years in Practice
Miami, FL

Sheri will incorporate Reiki, sound HEALING vibration, and other energy healing resources to clear your aura, balance your chakras, and raise your vibration.

Each session is unique to your specific needs. The practitioner may use crystal, pendulum, deep breathing and/or a hands-on approach to bring your chakras into your highest possible frequency for balance of optimal health and wellness.

Modalities include the following:

* Reiki and Energy Healing, Master/Teacher ...

Isabella Stoloff
0 Reviews
1 Referral
5 Years in Practice
Fullerton, CA
I opened the Orange County Healing Center in 2009 to assist people in clearing old karmic patterns. Since that time I have found that present day soul retrieval, along with other ancient healing techniques, assist my clients in healing at the deepest level, empowering them to live healthy happy lives. I have an Master of Fine Arts degree and am a graduate of the Healing the Light body school. I ...

Maria Santini
1 Review
0 Referrals
Los Angeles, CA
I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher as well as an Angel Card Reader and Clairaudient Medium.  I practice hands on Reiki and Distant Reiki which includes clearing the aura, balancing the chakras, and channeling any messages that come through for my clients.  Using my Clairaudient Medium ability, I am able to channel personal messages for my clients from my angel or theirs; giving the guidance needed to move forward ...

Amber Barton
1 Review
0 Referrals
Coeymans Hollow, NY

My journey to provide Reiki, Energetic & Spiritual Healing

Source Reiki is the product of my incredible personal journey to live a happy life.  It is my purpose to share Reiki and energy healing with others to help them do the same.  Through my own exploration I have found easy methods to add balance and joy to any life.  Thirteen foreign countries and forty-six beautiful states later my aim is to ...

Dana Flowers
0 Reviews
1 Referral
Fayetteville, AR
Stress Free Spirits provides Reiki services for both you and your pets. Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes self healing within your body.

My name is Dana and I am a certfied Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I also offer Crystal Therapy and Color Therapy, either or both can be combined with Reiki Therapy.

My Reiki Lineage:
Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chijiro Hayashi
Iris Ishikuro
Arthur ...

Maryalyce Merritt
0 Reviews
1 Referral
21 Years in Practice
Wassaic, NY
Maryalyce Merritt has a BBA in Marketing, and has been offering readings since 1994.  She is constantly expanding into new healing modalities to add to the repertoire that clients can choose from.  She offers all modalities for humans as well as animals.  Some of her qualifications include:

Teaching Reiki Master (+ Animals)

Teaching Certified Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner (Level 3)

Teaching Certified Rock The World Crystal Healing Practitioner

Teaching RunValdr Practitioner ...

Carlos Tavares
0 Reviews
0 Referrals
Calgary , AB
I am committed to helping as many people in the world with this gift I have received and with Reiki I am not bound by border s or people, I am here to send love and light to the world if the world is willing to accept it. I am committed to you and your journey, the choice is in your hands, are you willing to take the first step.

Kristen Eykel
1 Review
0 Referrals
25 Years in Practice
Agoura Hills, CA

"More addictive than a Vicoden (in a good way)…..If you are just a neurotic mess, the soothing incantations of this model- beautiful instructor with 20 years experience in Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini could calm even the suicidal." LA Weekly BEST of LA quote

Kristen Eykel CHt. - Spiritual teacher, dynamic public speaker & author of Planning for Success - a Six Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help You Recreate ...

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