Brandon Drabek
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4 Years in Practice
Middlefield, OH

About Me

I am a life-long area resident and a Natural Health Practitioner specializing in Reflexology and Herbal Therapy since 2011.

After graduating from Cardinal High School in Middlefield I attended the Great Lakes School of Integrative Medicine (formerly Institute of Holistic Health Careers). I am board certified in Relaxation Massage, Polarity Therapy, Elemental Reflexology, Energetic Sensory Integration, Aromatherapy, Low Level Laser Integration, & Herbal Education. I later mentored in Supplemental ...

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
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17 Years in Practice
New Paltz, NY
Kingston, NY

My name is Maritday aka Ama’ritday ~ The Sacred Health Doula

Sharing what I love, helping people get informed is what I live to do. There is so much to learn, love, see taste and do. I want to be the torch that lights your fire within, Life starts with your spirit, your relationships, your job, your exercise I call this Primary Food and the food you eat is your ...

Jenny Cothran
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12 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
Jenny is a California State Certified Massage therapist specializing in Holistic Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.  Jenny is also a California State Licensed Esthetician and is certified in Brazilian waxing for women.  Jenny trained with Doreen Virtue, PhD. a world renowned angel communicator in 2003 and is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner.  Jenny connects with the angels to bring guidance and messages to her clients with warmth and humor.  She ...

Mendy Overly
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10 Years in Practice
Travel to You
As a Social Worker, Ordain Minister, & Wellness Advocate I began working towards my life path to help others & to preserve nature. In 2013, Holistic Health & Spirituality was born. HH&S mission is to provide education, research, and service to clients or businesses in order to bring wellness, healing, & quality back to ones life. Our diverse and multidisciplinary organization strive to advance health and wellbeing around the world. A healthy community ...

Mohammad Kambiz Fereidooni
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12 Years in Practice
Stamford, CT

Reiki Master and Karuna reiki master in Jerusalem with William rand.

Due to my over weight and high colestrol, I decided to help my self heal. than keep depending on medicine. I was eating the wrong stuff and paying good money as well. We all do.

let food be your medicine

Mike Dinkel
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48 Years in Practice
Marina, CA

Mike Dinkel –  Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing, Also Long Distance Healing.

Healing Energy from the Divine, Relieving acute and chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Arthritis, Asthma, Reducing blood pressure, Removes energy blockages, Increases vitality, Postpones aging, and Accelerates the body’s healing abilities by bringing the body into balance and harmony. It also helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing by raising the vibrational frequency of the body. I also provide remote ...

Amy Hearod
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1 Referral
Calera, OK
I am a massage therapist and have been for 7 years I also do energy work,Reiki ,Quantum Touch, and Reflexology.  I can do massage work on equine, canines and humans. Plus alphasonic Electric acupuncture, body wraps, facial, mud mask, and I make natural bath scrubs,and oils for massage and muscle pain.

Nancy Saflarski
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Blanco, TX

I have been a licensed esthetician since 2010. I bring my years of experience and deep fondness for research in the area of skin conditions, skin types, medical conditions, nutrition and current product knowledge to the industry. I will analyze your skin, consult with you on treatments and products best suited for your skin type, and help you achieve the best skin care regimen possible for your daily home care ...

Clifford Wiggins
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6 Years in Practice
Crystal River, FL
I have over 10 yrs of experience in different types of modalities from Swedish,deep tissue,stone massage,craniosacral massage. Im also skilled in ultra sound,tens unit,MPS,foot detox and facials

Dawn Hauswirth
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15 Years in Practice
Brick, NJ
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Hello! My name is Dawn Hauswirth and I am the owner/creator of Down to Earth.  I have been teaching holistic methods for over 15 years and am certified in different modalities of holistic wellness including but not limited to: Herbalism, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Meditation, Sound healing, Color therapy and Yoga.  I incorporate all of these modalities into my training courses and into my practice.  I love to work ...
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