Jacqueline McLaughlin
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12 Years in Practice
Waynesville, NC


Jacqueline McLaughlin is an international essential oils educator whose passion is to make a difference in the world by helping people find natural, healthy ways to support themselves physically, emotionally & spiritually through the use of essential oils and oil-enhanced products.  Jacqueline has helped hundreds of people find ways to eliminate toxic over-the-counter medications and drugs with their side effects by creating lifestyle changes using therapeutic grade, essential oils - nature's ...

Eleni BethesdaBodyworks Eleni Moschonas
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16 Years in Practice

Greetings and Salutations!

Please visit my mini spa located in Bethesda Md.

I specialize in a deep invigorating healing sessions with over 16 years of experience. Please review my site at .

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


" I live my life thru love.....and so IT is

Todays session is $25.00 OFF

Free Underground Parking

Free Steam with every Session / hot towels ...

Monique Haskins
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5 yr Years in Practice
Reno, NV
I've studied at TMCC and Milan.  I believe in all alternative healing.  My business is a home business so you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. I specialize in Deep tissue, Prostate, Swedish, Kinesiology,  Aromatherapy and, Reiki just to name a few.  I am continuing my education is Rolfing and all new modalities of massage.  You are safe in my hands.

So schedule an appointment and breathe. Let go ...

Rev. Maritday Rodriguez CH HC
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17 Years in Practice
New Paltz, NY
Kingston, NY

My name is Maritday aka Ama’ritday ~ The Sacred Health Doula

Sharing what I love, helping people get informed is what I live to do. There is so much to learn, love, see taste and do. I want to be the torch that lights your fire within, Life starts with your spirit, your relationships, your job, your exercise I call this Primary Food and the food you eat is your ...

Sheri Kaplan
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20 Years in Practice
Miami, FL

Sheri will incorporate Reiki, sound HEALING vibration, and other energy healing resources to clear your aura, balance your chakras, and raise your vibration.

Each session is unique to your specific needs. The practitioner may use crystal, pendulum, deep breathing and/or a hands-on approach to bring your chakras into your highest possible frequency for balance of optimal health and wellness.

Modalities include the following:

* Reiki and Energy Healing, Master/Teacher ...

Erica Slykhouse Jones
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16 Years in Practice
Caledonia, MI
I have spent more than 15 years learning, growing and working in the wellness industry, beginning with massage school in 1999.  I believe in applying a multidimensional approach to wellness, utilizing natural products, restoring body services and lifestyle changes to achieve vibrant wellness for mind and body.  I expertly customize my body restoring services to the needs and preferences of each client.  My goal is to help restore the body ...

Heike Zelnhefer
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Asbury Park, NJ
I welcome you to your personal journey of self-discovery, empowerment, healing, and personal growth. My name is Heike and I've been practicing most of what I'm preaching for the past 13 years. My philosophy is based on the premise that our body and mind has the innate ability to heal itself, and that we all have the power within us to change and heal.

I specialize in the ...

Mohammad Kambiz Fereidooni
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12 Years in Practice
Stamford, CT

Reiki Master and Karuna reiki master in Jerusalem with William rand.

Due to my over weight and high colestrol, I decided to help my self heal. than keep depending on medicine. I was eating the wrong stuff and paying good money as well. We all do.

let food be your medicine

Nadine Renee
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Hyattsville, MD
My name is Nadine Renee, and I specialize in Holistic Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, and Health Coaching.  I am both self trained, as well as formally trained through Ashford University in Complementary & Alternative Medicine.  I also have training in Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Massage Therapy.  I am the Founder/CEO of Nadine Renee Naturals, a natural product line that heals the skin, hair, and body utilizing only natural ingredients ...

Lena Mays
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13 Years in Practice
Valparaiso, IN

I have been a Massage Therapist for 13 years now and I must say "I Love It"!! I am very professional, well versed in many modalities, and a very caring therapist. You haven't had a massage until you've had one by me. So Please contact me for an amazing massage tailored to what your muscles need.

20% Off when paying in cash!!

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