Antonio Aversano
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16 Years in Practice
Phone Session @ 415-870-4004
Fairfax, CA
Antonio is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Soul Intuitive, Life Coach, and Awakening Mentor. He has been a dedicated student and practitioner of the "Awakening Arts" since 1999 and is professionally trained through The Coaches Training Institute, the True Purpose Institute, and is Certified as a Breathwork Practitioner through the Power of Breath Institute - a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance accredited school and practitioner training.

As a Divinely Guided Soul Empowerment Intuitive ...

Theresa Guinasso
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6 Years in Practice
Bay Area, CA
San Francisco, CA

Would you like to feel empowered and on a positive path to your personal growth and well-being?

I believe we all have the power within us to make changes, heal and grow. Sometimes, it just takes a little help and insight from another person to move us in a positive direction.

I offer a non-judgmental and safe therapeutic environment where your particular story can unfold at its own pace. I ...

Eileen Coates
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25 Years in Practice
Novato, CA


I Am Eileen The Light Coach! I love a great adventure, am a great listener, and a powerful Intuitive and Medium.

I am a bringer of Light, Bridger of Worlds, and a Change Agent for positive living.  I love it, and anything cosmic, dogs, whales, snow, and beach, and food!  Bring it on...

I was born to the world, and to ...

Amy Sikarskie
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Fairfield, CA

Experienced in the Healing Arts, it is Amy's desire to facilitate experiences of healing and enlightenment to her clients. She offers insight and intuitive care through Energy Healing, Angelic Guidance and Hypnosis.

Amy works closely with higher dimensional beings such as the angel realm and  spirit guides to assist clients in healing, raising their vibration, expanding consciousness and stepping into their awakenings.

Amy is known a "healer's healer ...

Shannon Freeman
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Martinez, CA
I am an Energy Healer and Empath. I use my gifts to help you unlock your gifts.

Andrea Bell
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1 Referral
15 Years in Practice
Livermore, CA
Post Falls, ID
Very interesting diverse abilities to assist others in their journeys.  Through healing with works of the Mind, Body and Spirit we can proceed further on our path to understanding and healing like never before.  Life brings physical, spiritual, mental and emotional challenges that impact our inner and outer worlds.  With my Spirit given and provided gifts a healing can be preformed to bring you through the blocks and able to ...

Dolores Nice-Siegenthaler
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10 Years in Practice
Oakland, CA


Self-care includes practicing being heard.  I am trained to listen and to watch for the sparks that illumine your life's story.  Through our monthly sessions, in person or by phone, you read more clearly your life's inner meaning.  Your summer's heritage becomes autumn's harvest and winter's hope to be.

I live in the Bay Area of California, and I practice, but am not perfect at ...

Jordan Blake
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2 Years in Practice
San Francisco, CA
As an Empathic Witness, Bodyworker, Sound Healer, and Reiki Master, the therapy I provide is therapeutic, comprehensive, and holistic. I recognize and work with the intersection of body, eros, emotion, and spirit. I see the power of presence as a pleasurable, healing, and transformative experience.

The bodywork I provide is subtle- combining gentle, empathic touch with harmonic sound healing and Reiki energy. Using hands that listen rather than manipulate, I ...

Anais Szabo
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Sebastapol, Ca

Anais is a shamanic diviner, psychic, ancestor medium and writer. She has a private healing practice with a focus on earth based spirituality that accents nature. She has a variety of sessions and tools she engages.

Her sessions include

*Psychic shamanic divination

*Psychic mediumistic session

*Animal spirit connection

*talismanic session

Anais teaches classes on connecting with spirit, dream work and more. She also leads community rituals such ...

Stacey Butcher
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Fairfax, CA
Stacey Butcher has been dedicated to the healing arts for over 20 years, and is committed to the path of awakening through awareness of the body. Stacey incorporates deep mindfulness, presence, authenticity, passion and humor into all of her offerings.  She is an inspirational healer and facilitator and is skilled at holding space for transformation.

~ Reiki Master/Teacher
~ Certified Massage Therapist
~ Certified Acupressure Practitioner
~ Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
~ Shamanic Practitioner ...
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