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5 Years in Practice
Tempe, AZ
My background in wellness began in my country, Dominica. I was raised to know how to heal myself and others with natural medicine and energy-work.  Affectionately called "The Nature Isle of the Caribbean", Dominicans are known for maintaining health with water, wild crafted herbs and flowers (bush tea), organic foods grown in our backyards, and many more nature made elements...all within a refreshing community environment. This unique upbringing gifted ...

Taryn and Heather
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Gold Canyon, AZ
Mind Body Transformation is a team of two therapists. Heather Hartdorn, LMT and Taryn Mestek LMT MBW. We are both based in Gold Canyon, Arizona, and travel to our clients homes in Gold Canyon and the close surrounding areas.

Taryn graduated from ASMT in Tempe, in May of 2013, and then again from the Master Bodyworker Program at ASMT in August of 2013. She has spent most of her career ...

OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center Miller Lmt
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Phoenix, AZ
Serenity isn’t something found only in cat naps or counting back from 100 while hyperventilating about the latest family members faux pas. Soul healing and de-stressing can also be found at OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center where you can slip into a state of blissful peace.At OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center, investing in massage and bodywork is about investing in your health, not just a luxury.

Deep tissue, myofacial release ...

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5 Years in Practice
Glendale, AZ

Encouraging healing one body at a time.

Going based off of the belief that everybody is different, we walk different, talk different and hurt different. Through different modalities we design your treatment for you and based off of you and not someone else.

The Mission:

Compassion and love above all.
To encourage healing to bring you closer to a whole you. To honor and respect all that walks through our ...
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