Joanna Chodorowska
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11 Years in Practice
North Wales, PA
I help you reconnect with your intuition, your health and your mind.
I help you make the connection with the foods you are eating and the symptoms you have.  I help you make choices that align you with your natural energies rather than draining it.
I use Path To Heal energy work to help identify and release the underlying emotional issues that keep you from attaining your goals and dreams ...

Amber Marie
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15 Years in Practice
Collegeville, PA
Perkiomenville, PA
Every New Moment You have the Choice to BE anything You Choose ~

Whole Healing is the key.  Archiving the Old Script about "Who you are"……

Getting to the Root….and Letting Go.

Start a new in every moment.  Come heal, let go, grow.

Most of what you need to HEAL is FREE & Available to you ~

We will work together to release density, learn to BREATHE for optimal performance and stress ...

Suman Āddyā
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Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
I am a personal trainer certified by American College of Sports Medicine with a Master's in Optics and Photonics looking to share my knowledge and insight on healing and light-work. The goal is empowerment to guide the awaken your own natural healing abilities. Emotional clearing, aligning your energy fields, increasing your circulation and dissolving away pain and stress. The answers are often much simpler than the problems we condition ...
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