Amber Marie
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15 Years in Practice
Collegeville, PA
Perkiomenville, PA
Every New Moment You have the Choice to BE anything You Choose ~

Whole Healing is the key.  Archiving the Old Script about "Who you are"……

Getting to the Root….and Letting Go.

Start a new in every moment.  Come heal, let go, grow.

Most of what you need to HEAL is FREE & Available to you ~

We will work together to release density, learn to BREATHE for optimal performance and stress ...

Hank Finkel
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14 Years in Practice
Collegeville, PA

Hank Finkel, DC, is an honors graduate from the University Of Bridgeport College Of Chiropractic with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. His professional passion is in the area of pyschoneuroimmunology or “how the mind affects the body and the effect that relationship has on the immune system”. This led to a certification in biofeedback training in 1988.

Dr. Hank is a certified practitioner of ...

Stacy Hoch
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4 Years in Practice
Emmaus, PA
I'm a rebel, visionary, truth finding reformed psychotherapist turned life coach who writes, makes, and teaches things that empower people who're wounded on the inside, to heal, love, and trust themselves.
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