Sharmila Mali
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12 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
I have been interested in meta-physical subjects since I was a young girl, it grew into eventually becoming a healer, something that evolved as I uncovered my true gifts.

I am an Empowement Coach, Intuitive Healer and a Reiki Master Teacher.  I also have certifications in: massage therapy, cranialsacral, and oncology massage.  Beyond that, I have had many teachers, including my clients, where the learning process never stops. Each person ...

Karina Duffy
1 Review
4 Referrals
20 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA

Intuitive Psychic Reader & Past Lives/ Shamanic Healer/Lifecoach/ Certified Counselor/ Trauma Release Healer/ Somatic Healer/ Medium/ Crystal & Sound Healer/Animal Healer & Psychic/ Relationship & Family Guidance Counselor/Women Empowerment Coach

Karina was born in Dublin, Ireland and is from a long line of Celtic intuitive healers and psychics.  Her gift of being able to see people's life path and read their aura began as a small child. She assists you ...

Dr. Amber
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Santa Barbara, CA

By weaving together subtle discoveries and clues from the soul with concrete assessment and charting of goals, we can synthesize and generate growth.  Although I don't believe our life challenges are a case to be solved necessarily, I do believe investigating our struggles can uncover keys that unlock doors to higher levels of functioning, inner peace, and greater life satisfaction.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to ...

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