Natascha Wilczek
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Ojai, CA

Healing Modalities:

Intuitive Energy Healing

Crystal Healing

Rhythm Healing - Vibrational Massage and Chakra Alignment through Drumming (Client lays on large wooden tongue drum during session)

Shamanic Sound Healing - Tuning Forks, Various Rare Instruments such as Clay, Anasazi Bamboo Flute and 432 HZ tuned flute, Shruti Box, Chakra Chimes, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Steel Drum, Native American Mother drum, Percussive Elements, Chakra Clearing through Vocal Toning/Ancient Languages - Aramaic, Medicine Songs ...

Erich Hunter
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Heal Center

Dedicated to spiritual and esoteric healing modalities, Dr. Hunter has developed a unique healing synthesis that transforms body, mind, and spirit. After working for over a decade as a Ph.D researcher, and then award winning educator in field of the Biological Sciences, he fully awakened to his spiritual path and made a major life transition to follow his calling as a healer. While on his honeymoon in Bali, he ...

Sarah Garney
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14 Years in Practice
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica, CA

Sarah Garney is a Sai Shakti Healer, Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, and workshop leader. A student of Sri Kaleshwar, she is studying Sai Shakti Healing with Kaleshwar’s senior teachers. Sarah earned a  B.A. in Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and, holds certifications in Interior Alignment®, Theta Healing, Light Body Meditation, Bhakti Soul Yoga and Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. An RR practitioner since 1999, Sarah also trained with author-shaman Alberto ...

Julia Berkeley
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Ojai, CA
It is my great delight to help you find more ease, joy, peace and love in your life. I offer soul centered healing sessions and individually tailored yoga sessions.

Soul Centered Healing
In a soul centered healing session you will be assisted to release trauma, stress, depression, confusion, stagnation from your being so that you can move from dis-ease to ease. As you do this, naturally, radiant health, peace and ...

Greg Ray
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Santa Ynez, CA
Greg discovered his psychic abilities and healing energy at the early age of 9.  He has spent a good part of life reading and healing with an overall goal of balance and acceptance.  He is experienced in meditation and regression therapy, and being very intuitive, Greg's healing hands will relax, nourish, and heal your body and soul.

Kristen Clark
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Camarillo, CA

Kristen has been a Ventura County local for about 35 years. She loves spending her free time outdoors doing a variety of activities such as hiking, backpacking, stand up paddleboard, surfing, and so much more...usually with her dog, Nikki, by her side.

Kristen began her “awakening” in the summer of 2012 where she realized she was able to speak to and hear Spirit Guides, Angels and others. She began ...

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