Amyris Wilson
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9 Referrals
9 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
Amyris is an intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and self empowerment teacher. She began her personal journey of healing and transformation in 1986 and has been teaching since 2005. She is committed to supporting people who are ready to make the shift into the new world, releasing the limitations of the past and stepping into a new paradigm of freedom. With the ability to bring through the information and energy from ...

Heidi Craig
2 Reviews
3 Referrals
Ojai, CA
Santa Barbara, CA

I practice ACE Holistic Healing, which incorporates three different modalities. (This type of energy work focuses on the whole being - mind, body, spirit & emotions.) I specialize in sobriety, rehabilitation & detoxification.

A - Angelic Assistance (I work specifically with Archangel Raphael & the healing angels. Archangel Raphael's name literally means "he who heals" or "God heals")

C - Crystal Resonance Therapy. This is the practice of consciously engaging the energies of a stone ...

Anjanique Shine
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2 Referrals
28 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
ANJANIQUE SHINE  is a Numerologist, Healer, Catalyst  & Singer-Songwriter on the path of “Inner Integration."

I’ve stayed TRUE to this journey by going deep into the inter-connection to experience a conscious synthesis where my body, mind & spirit aligned.

It’s always been important for me to be wholly myself,  independent,  self-contained,  integrated and dependent on no one.... which gives me the freedom to be connected to  "All."

I started as ...

Sharmila Mali
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12 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
I have been interested in meta-physical subjects since I was a young girl, it grew into eventually becoming a healer, something that evolved as I uncovered my true gifts.

I am an Empowement Coach, Intuitive Healer and a Reiki Master Teacher.  I also have certifications in: massage therapy, cranialsacral, and oncology massage.  Beyond that, I have had many teachers, including my clients, where the learning process never stops. Each person ...

Kristen Eykel
1 Review
0 Referrals
25 Years in Practice
Agoura Hills, CA

"More addictive than a Vicoden (in a good way)…..If you are just a neurotic mess, the soothing incantations of this model- beautiful instructor with 20 years experience in Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini could calm even the suicidal." LA Weekly BEST of LA quote

Kristen Eykel CHt. - Spiritual teacher, dynamic public speaker & author of Planning for Success - a Six Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help You Recreate ...

Sarah Garney
0 Reviews
2 Referrals
14 Years in Practice
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica, CA

Sarah Garney is a Sai Shakti Healer, Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, and workshop leader. A student of Sri Kaleshwar, she is studying Sai Shakti Healing with Kaleshwar’s senior teachers. Sarah earned a  B.A. in Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and, holds certifications in Interior Alignment®, Theta Healing, Light Body Meditation, Bhakti Soul Yoga and Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. An RR practitioner since 1999, Sarah also trained with author-shaman Alberto ...

Rory Austin

Rory Austin is an intuitive empath, naturally gifted at holding space for others to relax, release, awaken, and heal. His commitment to this healing path is in service to the planetary awakening now occurring on Planet Earth.

Rory's healing and self-discovery was initiated suddenly when he began to have out-of body experiences as a child. It was then that he first made contact with his allies, and was guided ...

Maxwell Aston
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Thousand Oaks, CA
Hello! My name is Max! I am an artist and have been drawing since I was about 2 years old. Now I'm 23 and keeping my passion strong with multiple creative outlets like music and creating digital/traditional artwork. In the last year, I began taking my passion into new territories by doing intuitive readings for people in the form of caricatures. However, the caricatures have a twist and ...

Natalia Budantseva
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Ojai, CA
Born in Russia, Natalia moved to China in her 20′s to live at the Shaolin Monastery to Meditate and practice Qigong with her teacher Xu Mingtang .  As a certified Qigong teacher she traveled to Thailand, India, Nepal, Egypt to extend her practice and teachings.
India made the biggest impact on her life where she spent 3 years (mostly at the Ramana Ashram) in meditation, chant and self inquiry. Gradually ...
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