Stacy DeMars
VRIL is an ancient word for LifeEnergy. With over 12 years of experience in the Healing Arts, I bring my passion and expertise of identifying and releasing blockages to the flow of this LifeEnergy.

As a world-class Massage Therapist & Wellness Consultant I feel the need to share the knowledge I've gained after years of study in Clinical Nutrition, Live Blood Microscopy, Hypnotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, pH balancing, Spiritual Study, as ...

Erich Hunter
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Heal Center

Dedicated to spiritual and esoteric healing modalities, Dr. Hunter has developed a unique healing synthesis that transforms body, mind, and spirit. After working for over a decade as a Ph.D researcher, and then award winning educator in field of the Biological Sciences, he fully awakened to his spiritual path and made a major life transition to follow his calling as a healer. While on his honeymoon in Bali, he ...

Kristen Eykel
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25 Years in Practice
Agoura Hills, CA

"More addictive than a Vicoden (in a good way)…..If you are just a neurotic mess, the soothing incantations of this model- beautiful instructor with 20 years experience in Shamanism, Reiki and Kundalini could calm even the suicidal." LA Weekly BEST of LA quote

Kristen Eykel CHt. - Spiritual teacher, dynamic public speaker & author of Planning for Success - a Six Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help You Recreate ...

Constance Sanders
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Ojai, CA
Born and raised in a bit of a eclectic family.Grandmother was a gypsy from Egypt.
Who taught me some acient ways of reading and healing people. From Rieki..
Shamanic Energy Healing..Visions..E.D.I.N.A. and Intuitive Guidance.

Further practice and training......

Reiki-Level 1,Level 2 and 3. By Elizabeth at 'Channeled Guidance' 2013

Lifeforce Energy Healing. By Deborah King 2014

Shamanic Energy Healing -Ancestral Line..continual ...

Grant Gorman
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Ojai, CA

Grant earned a bachelors degree in Bio Psychology from the University of California Santa Barbara after earning a 4.84 grade point average from a prestigious Northern Californian High School.  His interest in the 'helping' fields of education continued  into Graduate school where Grant spent 4 years studying further the field of Clinical Psychology, while simultaneously working first as a care taker for non-verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder for ...

Chancy Deanna Brokaw

Chancy Deanna is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner who offers personal shamanic energy healing sessions and ceremonies locally in Ojai, CA and remotely.

Chancy specializes in supporting women to awaken, heal, and empower their feminine energy through the shamanic healing process. Chancy also holds the following sacred ceremonies for personal and collective healing~ fire ceremony, despacho, and the rite of the womb.

Chancy has been studying and practicing the healing arts ...

Jah Questafari
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Ojai, CA
Santa Barbara, CA


Here in service to support and inspire the children and awakening adults to embody their higher selves to remember the LOVE that they truly are.  Quest is committed to guiding others to blossom to their fullest potential.  Having been aware of his stellar roots as an Indigo Child, Quest realizes it is time to grow up and take responsibility to share spirit's LOVE and gift's to help embody ...

Julia Mikk
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12 Years in Practice
Ojai, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Julia Mikk, born in Estonia and now living in California, is an internationally renowned healer, teacher and spiritual guide. She is a founder of Breath of Love movement with certified Breath of Love Practitioners in many countries. ​

Julia's experiences instantly change people's lives. Her client’s come from all over the world to experience the shamanic Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and ...

Dr. Amber
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Santa Barbara, CA

By weaving together subtle discoveries and clues from the soul with concrete assessment and charting of goals, we can synthesize and generate growth.  Although I don't believe our life challenges are a case to be solved necessarily, I do believe investigating our struggles can uncover keys that unlock doors to higher levels of functioning, inner peace, and greater life satisfaction.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to ...

HolisticWellnessCommunityCtr Bucklin
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Ventura, CA

Innovative Programs & Services Based in Science

The Holistic Wellness Community Center of Ventura offers innovative experiential wellness education programs to help shift humanity forward. Advances in science have promoted the progress of useful Holistic Wellness, Self-Healing, Plant-Based Nutrition, Yoga for Wellness, Restorative Movement, and Sustainability techniques. Come learn how we will help enhance the holistic wellness & peacefulness of our local and global communities!

The Holistic Wellness Community Center is dedicated ...

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