Janet Dial
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7 Years in Practice
Willis, TX
As a yoga instructor in Willis, Texas, about 50 miles north of Houston, I seek to share the beauty yoga has brought to my life. I was certified to teach by the The Living Yoga Program in Austin, in February 2008. I'd already begun substituting at a small local studio, when I knew I wanted an even deeper practice. I love the lifelong learning that is yoga, and continue ...

Texas Academy of Sports Med
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10 Years in Practice
Houston, TX
We specialize in difficult to treat chronic and acute pain issues. Utilizing the world's most powerful pain therapy techniques developed by founder and CEO, James House, this alternative critical pain management center has a strong record of aiding in eliminating the most stubborn of pain problems.

We treat just about every pain issue including:
* Back pain
* Neck pain
* Migraines
* Arthritis
* Hip/Leg pain
* Sciatica
* Post Surgical pain
* Pain from ...
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