Kelle Sparta
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16 Years in Practice
Phone or Skype Appointment
Somerville, MA

Are you on a spiritual path and doing the deep transformative work of diving deep into your self, your triggers and stories, and finding a path of peace, joy, and self-love?  Then you're talking to the right person.

I specialize in helping people to find that deep level of spiritual understanding and compassion that allows them to sink into a compassionate connection with themselves and the world around ...

Natalie Von Haesler
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Watertown, MA

Dr. Natalie von Haesler is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Her research involves investigating the effect of mindfulness on many aspects of psychological and physical health.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto in 2002 and her Doctorate in Neuroscience from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario. Natalie’s PhD research centered around anxiety regulation.

Her life purpose is ...

Megan ONeal
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10 Years in Practice
Roslindale, MA
I am a Reiki Master Healer, a Shamanic Healer, a Devotee of Amma, a Sufi Dervish and a graduate student in Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University, my graduation date will be May, 2017.

I practice a form of Musical Psychodrama that is very effective at helping clients to unearth conflicts and old wounds, reframe, heal, transform and integrate the material that arises.  I am not yet licensed to ...

Oceana Leblanc
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30 Years in Practice
South Grafton, MA
Oceana is available by appointment in Worcester, Ma and the surrounding areas including New England states and beyond.  Appointments are available in person or by skype, phone, or google+.

Shamanic Healer trained in Ukranian lineage ancient shamanism as well as Core Shamanism, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki , Shamanic, as well as Spiritual Response Therapist specializing in clearing ancestral wounds, entities, trauma, karma, and other patterns.

Spirit Medium, Psychic, and ...

Suzan Baltozer
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30 Years in Practice
Somerville, MA

Suzan Baltozer-Fisher (a.k.a. St. Su)
have been practicing shamanism & energy healing to help people heal, grow & reach their highest potential for over 30 years.

After an unusual childhood filled with many psychic experiences, para-normal activity & life-training via the feet-to-the-fire learning route, I chose to formally learn from master shamans & healers.

This formal training began with Andrea Dazzi, a teacher at the Barbara Brennan-Hands of Light School, Training in ...

Brad Hudson
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Westford, MA
I am a Shamanic Healer and Teacher, a Multidimensional Energy Healer, an Amazon Best Selling Author, an Ordained Minister, a Transformational Life Coach, and a Cancer Survivor. I specialize in Depossession work (especially dark energies), House Clearings, Higher Dimensional Frequency Healings, and Shamanic Extraction Healings.

Healing Boston
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12 Years in Practice
Auburndale, MA
Hi, I'm Jordan.

I am passionate about exploring and sharing the best systems available for personal and planetary transformation.

Since 2004, I have helped thousands of people awaken their potential and accelerate their learning curve in the school of life.

I am a Certified and Initiated Modern Mystery School Guide, Healer, and 3rd step Celtic Shaman Ritual Master. I've also studied in numerous other systems, including Mayan shamanic ...
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