Lucie Monroe
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Somerville, MA
EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, and other energy psychology modalities are my tools of choice. I use them to help release underlying energetic patterns associated with past negative experiences, thus releasing emotional baggage and fostering psychological and physiological wellness. Helping others overcome their emotional and physical problems is my calling. My gifts as a healer really emerged when I discovered energy psychology in 2005. My experience with yoga, reiki, and energy healing ...

Corinne Martin
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Travel for a party/event
Andover, MA

Shawna Pelton
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13 Years in Practice
Beverly, MA
Holistic health practitioner since 2001, Boston native Shawna shares tools for transformational healing.

Specializing in helping people who are emotionally struggling in life or healing from hard to treat physical health issues (including chronic lyme infections). Working with a variety of tools for restoring optimal health, including:
  • BioPhoton Therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy Clearings & Reiki
  • Nutritional & Herbal support
  • Spiritual Counseling
Shawna's life purpose is to inspire health, happiness & harmony.

Brynn Bishop
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9 Years in Practice
Arlington, MA

Brynn Bishop, founder of Conscious Intimacy, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach with thirty years experience in the field of Conscious Relating. Her mission is to empower people to create authentic, loving, pleasurable relationships with themselves and others. Brynn specializes in helping people rewire their nervous systems towards greater connection & pleasure.

Brynn’s unique approach weaves together cutting edge Somatic Psychology and Trauma Resolution with Taoist and ...

Joy Clarkson
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11 Years in Practice
Worcester, MA
I am an Intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist, Energyworker, Sound Healer. I offer Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage. All my oils are organic, and handblended. My first time visit price is $10 off. $50 for an hour. $70 for an hour and half. See you soon! Blessings!

Kelle Sparta
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16 Years in Practice
Phone or Skype Appointment
Somerville, MA

Are you on a spiritual path and doing the deep transformative work of diving deep into your self, your triggers and stories, and finding a path of peace, joy, and self-love?  Then you're talking to the right person.

I specialize in helping people to find that deep level of spiritual understanding and compassion that allows them to sink into a compassionate connection with themselves and the world around ...

Michael Monroe
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9 Years in Practice
Somerville, MA


Hello, and thanks for checking out Blue Sky Reiki !

Reiki sessions are a relaxed and effective diagnostic blend of healing and overall rejuvenation. As a dedicated empiricist, I was deeply skeptical of Reiki, but since its validity in clinical trials and recent case studies has been achieved, I feel more than comfortable as an enthusiastic practitioner of this tremendously fruitful healing modality.

I've been attuned since 2008 by Ellen ...

Casey O'Connell
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Sudbury, MA

Hi, I'm Casey O'Connell!

Welcome to An Inner Piece. It is truly my life's vision come to the physical.

I am an administrative professional by trade and a healer at heart. As a child I yearned to help others and to make the world a better place. The sensitivity I've been gifted with did not always feel as such and I spent many years attempting to ...

Michelle Starr
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West Roxbury, MA

Michelle earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, GA. Dr. Michelle has a profound understanding of the human body, its functions and its challenges. She has worked with people suffering from a variety of health concerns, including: ADHD, vertigo, fertility concerns, autism, pregnancy discomfort, infantile colic, musculoskeletal and athletic complaints, to name a few. Dr. Michelle’s passion is working with families who place health as ...

Natalie Von Haesler
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Watertown, MA

Dr. Natalie von Haesler is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Her research involves investigating the effect of mindfulness on many aspects of psychological and physical health.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto in 2002 and her Doctorate in Neuroscience from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario. Natalie’s PhD research centered around anxiety regulation.

Her life purpose is ...

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