Cindy Chauvie
3 Reviews
1 Referral
3 Years in Practice
Asheville, NC

Cindy Chauvie, founder of Reiki and Intuitive Healing is located in the beautiful town of Asheville, NC. For years she has been in tune with touch therapy and its effects on people.

Cindy began her Reiki journey in 2013, became attuned and certified to the Level I energy and at that time began a modest practice with herself, family and friends. With the Level II Reiki energy she expanded her ...

Richard Cram
0 Reviews
0 Referrals
7 Years in Practice
Hendersonville, NC
I release and transform non-beneficial energies from people, animals, and places.
  1. Release trapped emotions and transform them into positive ones.
  2. Release non-beneficial entities, demonic forces, energetic patterns, thought forms, curses, hexes, spells, and the like and transform them into Love.
  3. Release spirits of emotions--disease--victimization, co-dependency and similar stuff.
  4. Bring the frequency of people, animals, and places into balance.
  5. Measure the effect of hertz frequency, electro-magnetic field, geopathic stress and neutralize ...

Lilia White
0 Reviews
0 Referrals
Landrum, SC
Taylors, SC
SC and NC Licensed therapist offering Integrated Therapeutic Massage, Equine Massage, Aromatherapy and Energy Healing. My mission is to provide therapeutic massage and body work to enhance the health and well being of my clients, by providing nurturing treatments that promote relaxation and self-healing. I am also committed to enhance the health and quality of life of horses thru the use of massage and Aromatherapy keeping the horse’s welfare ...
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