Antonio Aversano
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13 Years in Practice
Phone Session @ 828-414-1166
Asheville, NC
Antonio is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Soul Intuitive, Life Coach, and Awakening Mentor. He has been a dedicated student and practitioner of the "Awakening Arts" since 1999 and is professionally trained through The Coaches Training Institute, the True Purpose Institute, and is Certified as a Breathwork Practitioner through the Power of Breath Institute - a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance accredited school and practitioner training.

As a Divinely Guided Soul Empowerment Intuitive ...

Michelle Fleckner
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16 Years in Practice
Weaverville, NC

  • Conscious Business Coach
  • Conscious Family/Parent/Youth Coach
  • Conscious Body & Life Coach

For the past 23 years, I have been an executive, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author, speaker and a mother of two amazing boys.   I have worked hard to understand what it takes to consciously live in this world, create success and experience meaningful relationships.

What Conscious Means To Me

Conscious is a widely used term in today's world ...

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