Richard Cram
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7 Years in Practice
Hendersonville, NC
I release and transform non-beneficial energies from people, animals, and places.
  1. Release trapped emotions and transform them into positive ones.
  2. Release non-beneficial entities, demonic forces, energetic patterns, thought forms, curses, hexes, spells, and the like and transform them into Love.
  3. Release spirits of emotions--disease--victimization, co-dependency and similar stuff.
  4. Bring the frequency of people, animals, and places into balance.
  5. Measure the effect of hertz frequency, electro-magnetic field, geopathic stress and neutralize ...

SereneNSassy Soul
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4 Years in Practice
Asheville, NC

Who is SereneNSassy Soul (yes this is the name bestowed upon me)? I am a plethora of creative and loving energies all rolled into one physical being:

Mother, Sister, Friend, Daughter

Innate, Intuitive Empath

Founder of Sensual Mystiq™

HerbalAroma™ Specialist

Intuitive Empowerment Counselor

Certified Chios® Master Teacher



Spiritually (not religiously) enlightened

Gifted with the ability to see beauty in all things

I hope you will join me in ...

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