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Violetsoul Reiki Master
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22 Years in Practice
Savannah, GA

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A Healer of Mind, Body and Spirit who provides deep and transformative healings on the Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and  & Mental levels addressing obstacles, issues, and the alignment of energy.  Also Spiritual Counseling, Development and Growth.

My knowledge a Reiki therapist since 1999, has guided me to understand that Reiki is providing the gateway between us and Source, the giver of all living life force energy (qi). This healing violet-energy flows through a therapist's energy field through their attuned-hand and then given to you. Our bodies naturally heal themselves with qi (life-force) energy, when thus energy is fully-received   You must be ready to take in this living vitality.  Reiki energizes, rejuvenates, relaxes, speeds up healing, increases memory, and activates emotional-awareness, healing every aspect of our human condition, intellect, body, and awareness. I use it to heal and rejuvenate your etheric body through a chakra cleanse and balancing technique.  I offer shamanic and Hermetic modalities of Reiki that include other holistic methods such as crystals, aroma, and sound bathing and exotic touch.  Even a once in a life-time experience is worth every penny.

Jess Carter 7/23/2017
"I have experienced Violetsoul. She is much more than a Masterful Reiki Healer. She knew things I never told her. Her intuition is mind blowing, and she uses these intuitive insights to heal on a very deep level. The Reiki Healing is POWERFUL.  A moment in her presence is all anyone needs to believe. She radiates the energy. You feel it the moment you see her.  Violetsoul is a true HEALER."

" I was immediately drawn to Violet when I met her and have since been blown away by her gifts. She has really helped me move through some blocks in such a loving supportive manner and I gained true clarity after my sessions with her. I sing her praises to all my friends and highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with her. Amazing!!"
- Jenny Rossi 04/28/14


1)  Hatha Yoga  -  1:00 hr.  $15.00

2)  Zen Meditation  -  1:00 hr.  $20.00

3) Business Travelers  1 Day mini retreat $175.00        Per night; other negotiable inclusions are:                Yoga; Reiki; Meditation (for more details please       Contact me.) New!  (Day;Week; Extended)

A)   One Hour Single Usui Reiki - Breema 1:00 hours - $100.00

B)   7 Chakra Balance 1:00 hours - $120.00

C)  Distant Healing Treatment 0:35 min. - $45

D)  Pregnancy-Birthing Series 12/1:00 hr. session - $3000.00

F   Sensual-Sexual-Social Session 1:00 hours - $190.00

G)   Couples S-S Session 2:00 hours - $350.00

Reiki Attunements:

I)     Reiki Level One  (All Day) - $555

II)    Reiki Level Two (Two and One Have Days) - $777

III)   Reiki Level Three  (Two Full Days) - $1000.00)

Angel Grids (Your Angels and healing gird) $200.00

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1. Select Treatment:
Angel Reading 0:30 min - $45  Distant Healing Treatment Reiki 0:35 min - $45  One Hour Single Usui Reiki 1:00 hours - $100.00  7 Chakra Balance - Intergrative 1:00 hours - $120  Reiki Usui's Method 1:00 hours - $120  Shamanic Reiki Energy Work 1:00 hours - $160.00  Sensual-Sexual-Social Reiki Session 1:00 hours - $190  Couples S-S Reiki Energy 2:00 hours - $275  Reiki Level One 8:00 hours - $500  Hypo-Birthing Series 14:00 hours - $3000  Reiki Level Three 23:00 hours - $10000  Reiki Level Two 23:00 hours - $500 

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    6 Reviews

    If you are reading this review, then it likely means that you are open to, if not at least intrigued by the thought of giving reiki a try. You don't need to read my review. Schedule an appointment with Violetsoul, you will not be disappointed. I was lucky enough to ... Read More »
    - Sam Geer 7/15/14
    I am a long time client and always find her services extremely beneficial and productive to my being
    - Arne K 5/5/14
    I was immediately drawn to Violet when I met her and have since been blown away by her gifts. She has really helped me move through some blocks in such a loving supportive manner and I gained true clarity after my sessions with her. I sing her praises to all ... Read More »
    - Jenny Rossi 4/29/14
    My session was healing and restorative as always. Even though I am healthy and happy these days, I choose to keep coming back because its a monthly miracle to receive this healing gift. Violetsoul's healing work restores vibrancy to life, and elevates my energy and consciousness consistently, and this feels ... Read More »
    - Jessi Carter 4/17/14

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    Berkeley, CA
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    Ojai, CA
    Energy Medicine
    Intuitive Readings And Healings
    Dr. Sarah

    Los Angeles, CA
    Medical Intuitive

    Canyon Country, CA
    Space Clearing
    Crystal Healing

    Perkiomenville, PA
    Connective Tissue Massage
    Swedish Massage

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