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Heidi Craig
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Ojai, CA
Santa Barbara, CA

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I practice ACE Holistic Healing, which incorporates three different modalities. (This type of energy work focuses on the whole being - mind, body, spirit & emotions.) I specialize in sobriety, rehabilitation & detoxification.

A - Angelic Assistance (I work specifically with Archangel Raphael & the healing angels. Archangel Raphael's name literally means "he who heals" or "God heals")

C - Crystal Resonance Therapy. This is the practice of consciously engaging the energies of a stone or stones to affect changes in the physical, emotional or spiritual bodies. I do this by pulling three to seven Crystal Ally Cards for you that represent the seven main chakras: Root - the base of the spine / Sacral - Lower abdomen / Solar Plexus - between the navel & base of the sternum / Heart - below the collar bone / Throat - base of the neck / Third Eye - above and between eye brows / Crown - above the top of the head.

E - Healing energy from the Universal Life Force that is channeled from the healer to the client to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue.

As an empath I am acutely sensitive to the feeling of others. I have the ability to actually feel another's pain and use ACE Holistic Healing to help heal the total being. Because I pick up on the feelings of others, I have a great understanding and ability to really "see" the other person.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to spiritual teachings and healing. As my life has progressed, I have continued to consolidate my spiritual gifts with a view of helping others achieve holistic healing and inner peace. This has given me invaluable insight into helping to support others who are drawn to a life of spiritual harmony.

I studied Reiki under Dharmadevi at the Yogananda Institute and hold a certificate of Usui Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to this, I have studied under Rev. Michelle Francine in the Souls Embrace Spiritual Mentor Program at the State of Being Wellness Center in Santa Barbara, CA. I am a certified Angel Healer, Energy Healer & Crystal Healer.

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    2 Reviews

    I have found comfort in Heidi during times of anxity and stress. She has given me beautiful insight, support and encouragement. The messages that you have given me, truly resignant to me, thank you for your direction and clarity. Your messages are very clear and speak very loudly. Thank you ... Read More »
    - Lisa Smith 8/4/14
    I have had numerous long distance treatments from Heidi. She is treating me for fatigue and chronic pain . The healing sessions were beautiful .. I felt angel embraces and embraced by white light . They have been very powerful and rewarding . God has given Heidi the healing touch ... Read More »
    - Deborah Lind 7/24/14


    Reiki Training
    Electro-Magnetic Field Clearing (Emf)

    Ojai, CA
    Myofascial Release Therapy

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