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YellowWolf Nieves
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San Jose, CA


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I am a Traditional Healing Practitioner or a Curandera.  I have been trained to serve from a compassionate heart.   To support my community and everyone who feels connect to work with me.  Every experience in my life has deepened my connection to "Spirit". It can be said; I have graduated from the "University of Life".   Always honoring Spirit, my elders, teachers and their teachings.

My training in Curanderismo, has given me permission to share my gifts & training in a unique manner.   Through my work, I become a hollow bone, and provide a safe, heart-centered container for "Spirit" and the individual to do their work.  Each individual is honored as a whole & complete being.

My services include:
Coaching, Spiritual Healing and Guidance, Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Sound Healing Therapy, Divination Readings, Angel Card reading and the Heart Breath Meditation.

Your invited to check out my website for more information...just go to

Walking in Beauty,
YellowWolf Nieves

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