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Laura Bernasconi
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san francisco

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Hiring Laura Bernasconi of Mudita Arts for Peace would mean: hiring a fitness and wellness specialist to tailor design a program for each clietn to work at their optimal physical, mental and spiritual capacity.
Wellness sessions with Laura are based on her vast experience in The Alexander Technique, Articulation Exercises, Acrobatics, AcroYoga, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Ballet, Bodywork, Bone Stacking, Breathing, Dance, Eye Exercises/Relaxation Methods, Feldenkreis Awareness of Movement, Gyrotonic/Gyrokenisis Spinal Movements, Deep Relaxation, Inversions Therapy, Improvisation, Laughing Yoga, Movement Analysis, Meditation, Mindfulness, Modern Dance, Odissi Classical Indian Temple Dance, Pilates, Chi gong Shi'atsu Massage, Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, Tapping.

Laura has taught wellness for the San Francisco Functional Restoration Program for the past six years. The sessions could be any length or size from large group classes to semi -private classes or even private classes that could last anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. All can be curtailed to specific needs.

Laura is a certified Hatha Yoga and AcroYoga teacher, Thai massage practitioner and Shi'atsu massage therapist.  She is also available for sessions in applied therapies such as these.
Wellness Sessions:

Chi gong

Self massage


Eye exercises

Spinal movements

Laughing exercises

Standing /sitting exercises

Deep relaxation


Sample Program:

Session One:
Sitting (bone stacking i.e. AcroYoga)
chi rub
self massage (meridians i.e. chinese acupressure)
aura wash
hand shake
laughing (vowels)
spinal movements i.e. Gyrokenisis
eye bath
standing awareness/bone stacking
Deep Relaxation (DR)
explanation of benefits of tension/relaxation
mental commands
organic movement without unnecessary tension

Session Two:
all above plus-
sit bone awareness
suction cup hands/chi rub
slump, breathe, sit, doggy head
aura wash -healing for yourself and now also for others
laughing awareness of source
pass the laugh
spinal movements with arch/dolphin
eye movements horizontal / vertical
foot work
lion face
chi qong sitting
standing awareness
Question from patient:
What happens when I get a cramp? Try breathing into and out of the area and or laugh... "It works!" She said!

Session Three:
all above plus-
finding stillness and what needs to happen to make stillness within movement i.e. Alexander Technique
awareness of choreography of self massage
spinal movements with eye awareness
hand shake with circles
yoga stretch with arms above to flex hands a la second i.e. modern dance
commanding a wave of relaxation through the body using the mind while moving/sit
chi gong standing/bone stacking
walking awareness

Session Four:
all above plus-
constant memory of session for future use
commands like in DR in daily life
becoming a witness to the mind
eye movement with circles

Session Five
all above plus-
swifter pace, fewer words.
focus on memory for future use
chanting mantras of chakras

Session Six
all above plus-
chi ball exploration
mind telling the body what to do/subliminal commands without physical movement
East Indian Hand Mudras

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