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Karen Bradley
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30 Years in Practice
San Diego, CA

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My own spiritual journey
I have a long and varied spiritual background spanning over 30 years. Having studied and practiced with teachers of various mystical traditions based in both the East and the West, has given me what I feel is a balanced perspective on not only my own spiritual awakening, but also on my mundane material life. I have come to know the value of Jesus' words when he spoke of "being in this world, but not of it."

During the course of my spiritual training, I learned many things.  Two are of special interest to you, energy healing and accurate psychic tarot reading.

Qualifications as an energy healer
I am a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher and a channel for the powerful frequencies of the Archangelic Realm, the great Bodhisattva Quan Yin, a benevolent and compassionate Pleiadian healer, a magnificent light being called Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles by those of the Hindu faith, the Medicine Buddha and kind and loving elementals.They all want you to experience peace of mind, healthy vitality, and expanded spiritual growth. They use me as a channel to transmit their powerful energy to you directly. The energy that I channel to you is beyond time and space. According to the positive feedback I have received from my healing clients , it is equally powerful and effective whether you make an in person appointment with me where I directly place my hands in your auric field surrounding your body, or if I transmit to you over a distance of thousands of miles and multiple time zones away from my physical location.

Karen Bradley is a trusted member of the prestigious American Association of Healers and the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

Qualifications as a psychic Tarot reader
My adventure with the Tarot began 30+ years ago. One night I had a powerful lucid dream. In the dream, I was in a car with a man who was driving us both to a tarot reader. My dream companion (who I later came to know as a dream teacher and guide) parked the car, looked me in the eye and spoke these words, "You know Karen, all the secrets of the Universe can be found in the Tarot."  The dream seemed very, very real to me. I remember waking up at that exact moment vowing to buy myself a deck of Tarot cards the very next day. My local New Age bookstore offered an assortment of decks and how-to books. I became an eager and avid student of the Tarot, studying the books, meditating on the cards and giving more readings than you can imagine. Over the years, I have probably given thousands of readings. The cards have never stopped amazing me. I will read for your healing, your spiritual growth, love, money or anything else on your mind.

Karen Bradley is a trusted member of the American Association of Psychics

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    1 Review

    Karen and I exchanged healing services. She gave me an amazing tarot reading & remote reiki session. The reading was spot-on, and identified core issues going on with me at the time. During the remote reiki session, I felt a lot of energy movement in my head, my throat, and ... Read More »
    - Kevin Kornburger 12/21/14


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