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Heather Bryan
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Saint Petersburg, FL
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As an 18+ yr. PTA/LMT I have a mission to deliver personalized, authentic, effective, compassionate hands-on care with results that last. It was my 1st hand experience of the adverse effects of pain and immobility that spearheaded my quest for  to find  a lasting, effective therapy. Traditional PT was ineffective leaving me with only unacceptable option of surgery, I was beyond relieved to discovered John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. I experienced immediate, profound results that lasted! Instantly knowing JFB-MFR was the missing link to traditional physical therapy.  Personally-professionally, my life changed leading me to become a JFB-MFR specialist. I am now pain-free, returned to all personal-professional activities & loving life limitlessly!

I dedicated my professional scope of practice  to this remarkable approach to health care to further to help reach a greater range of patients in need.  I received my training directly from John F. Barnes himself with 500+ hours of hands on training including seminars and internships.  I have become an Advanced Level Practitioner and will become an Expert Level upon the completion of MFR 3, which is a course designed for more for the practitioner's own healing journey.  I have also taken the Equine, Healing, Pediatric and Women's Health courses.  I have already repeated most courses to perfect the "HEART" of MFR.

Along this path from patient to practitioner of Myofascial Release, I found the complementary modality of Therapeutic Touch and am now a recognized Level 2 Therapeutic Touch Practitioner.

I provide you Personal Therapeutic Authentic, Lasting Metamorphic Therapy with the "HEART"istry of JFB-MFR.   JFB-MFR changed my life, let it change yours! Improve the quality of life, live pain-free, you are worth it, you deserve fascial freedom. I provide Residential services throughout the Tampa Bay Area, coming to you in the privacy of your home or office, no more waiting or driving while in pain.  If you prefer a location other than your home or office, a space can be arranged at my South Tampa Area location with prior arrangements.

Trauma bear
Fireside Chat with John F. Barnes, PT
Myofascial Release Part 2
Strolling under the Skin
Myofascial Release Part 1
Myofascial Unwinding

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