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Yoga Therapy Session with Carolyn

I went to Carolyn because of issues concerning fallout from a broken shoulder. In addition, I have been developing lower back pain from my work situation. The shoulder in particular has been causing me pain since it happened two years ago. Physical therapy and exercise both tend to hurt the shoulder rather than help.

Carolyn was thorough in making sure she understood what the problems were so that she could address them as successfully as possible.She devised appropriate exercises, supporting the shoulder physically with a yoga strap. We did the positions and exercises together with Carolyn correcting and adjusting them as we progressed to ensure they helped the problem rather than exacerbated it. Really important.

Usually, I end up with inflammation and some level of discomfort and pain after exercising the shoulder. But with this one session with Carolyn, I was pain free for a whole day! Clearly, that says a lot about her skill. I would recommend Carolyn as a yoga therapy teacher with no hesitation. I bet she's a great health coach as well! Maybe that will be my next step.

- Marcia Lord 12/12/15