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Reiki with Violetsoul

If you are reading this review, then it likely means that you are open to, if not at least intrigued by the thought of giving reiki a try. You don't need to read my review. Schedule an appointment with Violetsoul, you will not be disappointed.

I was lucky enough to be brought into contact with Violetsoul by forces outside of my control. I had expressed an interest in reiki to my fiancé, and for my birthday she gifted me a reiki appointment at The Raven Spa. I was nervous going into the appointment but any hesitancy I felt faded quickly after meeting Violetsoul.

The benefits of reiki seem boundless, as unique as the practitioner and the patient involved. In my own work with Violetsoul, reiki has provided me with a way to begin to healthily dismantle the Western neuroses that have long restricted me emotionally.

Like many, I've long suffered under the delusion that no matter what I accomplish or achieve, I'm still "not enough", I'm still lacking in some indefinable way. Working with traditional therapists can help in intellectually understanding the root causes of these neuroses, but in my experience intellectual understanding does not yield emotional catharsis.

In my reiki work with Violetsoul, I've found a way to bring myself back to center. My sessions with her have given me the "tools" to keep myself psycho-spiritually balanced. I use quotations here because these tools aren't something that can be articulated in a specific, rational way. All I know is that, since beginning reiki, my perspective on myself, the universe, and my place in it has shifted in a way that leaves me feeling more harmonious and connected.

I'm truly grateful for the help Violetsoul has provided me, and look forward to my next session with her!

- Sam Geer 07/15/14

Link time client

I am a long time client and always find her services extremely beneficial and productive to my being

- Arne K 05/05/14

Violet is a true Master and beautiful soul.

I was immediately drawn to Violet when I met her and have since been blown away by her gifts. She has really helped me move through some blocks in such a loving supportive manner and I gained true clarity after my sessions with her. I sing her praises to all my friends and highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with her. Amazing!!

- Jenny Rossi 04/29/14

Always a Loving Healing Experience.

My session was healing and restorative as always. Even though I am healthy and happy these days, I choose to keep coming back because its a monthly miracle to receive this healing gift. Violetsoul's healing work restores vibrancy to life, and elevates my energy and consciousness consistently, and this feels so wonderful. I've come a long way since my my first session with Violetsoul, and each time I come back, I'm elevated even more. Highly recommended.

- Jessi Carter 04/17/14

Reiki Master Gave Me My Life Back

My life changed the day I met Violetsoul. It changed from feeling worse every day, to feeling better, more alive, more empowered, and the last session was the best yet. I had severe hypothyroidism, and mental and emotional pain from recent trauma. I had put my all into getting my life back for quite some time. I made some progress, but not physically. After one session with Violetsoul I began to feel change. It felt so good to feel I was getting better instead of worse, after years of decline. It felt like a miracle, a Godsend. Now I feel awesome, really getting it all back and more, but I still want to go to Reiki, because I can feel it keeps elevating me, empowering and grounding me, and it just really makes me happy. Violetsoul is more than a physical healer, she has wisdom and insight, a true intuitive, and her guidance has helped me as much as the miracle of her compassionate healing hands. She cares about her work deeply, her whole heart is in it. She cares about her patients deeply, she wants you healed as much as you do. When you are in her presence, you know you are in the presence of someone who has found and mastered her calling. And when you're in session, you feel the healing power of that calling.

- Jess Carter 03/14/14

A Voilet Soul, in Truth

Since first connecting with Violetsoul last autumn, I have been in awe of her abilities and her compassionate, generous spirit.
Having gone through two levels of Reiki training myself, I can honestly state I wish I'd received my training from Violetsoul. I would most certainly be further than I am on this Path.
In person, or distantly; for healing, or training; you could do no better than working with this Highly Gifted Violet Soul.

- Sonsie Luna 03/13/14