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Outside of her outstanding technique, Tiffany's best talent is "listening". Once you've explained to Tiffany why you're visiting, you can rest assured she not only understands what you need, but possesses the skills to address your issues. Her constant monitoring of pressure and breathing goes a long way towards assuring that you're comfortable and that she will achieve the goals for which you're hoping. I cannot recommend Tiffany enough.

- Phil Masterton 06/16/16

Best massage ever.

I've gotten two massages from Tiffany Richards, and will most definitely be returning on a regular basis. I have chronic muscle spasms in my neck, and in the past whenever I've gotten a massage I have left feeling discouraged because the massage therapist wouldn't be able to even make a dent in my neck muscles. Tiffany gets it done! Highly recommended.

- Carli Recker 06/03/16


Having being fro chiropractor to chiropractor, I know the value of a good massage, the professionalism with which I was treated impressed me, and the skill shown is superb, this is definitely a comeback for me.

- Robert Arres 05/12/16