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Pain-free at last!

I was in so much pain before I saw Sharon, I was hurting so bad most days I found it difficult to get up for work. Eventually I was forced to quit my job and stay at home while my husband provided for the family. I couldn't even drive my kids to school. I was seeking out doctor after doctor but the pills they prescribed me would only dull the pain for a short while, and eventually they did nothing unless I took the pills in copious amounts. In desperation I sought out someone who would take a more unconventional viewpoint on my pain. When I met Sharon she was professional and understanding,she listened to what I said and didn't brush off my words. Now that I'm Pain free I can return to work and finally go on that vacation I promised my kids. Surfing here we come!

- Rose 05/02/19

No surgery for me!

Sharon was great! My back and right leg had been killing me as long as I can remember. I was desperate for any relief and about to have surgery. She pin pointed problems that I didn't know I had, and my doctors either didn't know either or simply wanted to start cutting! For relieving my chronic pain and helping me avoid a huge surgical mistake, she will always have my business and respect... If you can get in to see her, you won't be disappointed. A very smart and thorough lady. Thanks a million, Sharon!

- James Lange 11/18/15

Best Massage I've had!

Sharon is awesome! She is very informative and thorough. Came in with a headache because my back and neck muscles were so tight, now I just need my chiropractor.

- Jenny Wallace 07/30/15