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Reiki Review

As soon the transmission started, I felt an immense amount of energy start to move through my being. The energy felt heavy but I started to feel relaxed as time went on. I eventually fell asleep. I woke up right before the transmission ended. I continued to work with that energy for the next 24hrs as instructed. The reiki transmission felt like an energetic system reboot; Like the divine was reaching out a hand to me and saying, I've got it from here. I became conscious of things I was doing that were blocking my growth as well as my healing process. The reiki session put a lot into perspective for me. I am truly grateful. Will definitely be trying again

- Khalil Louis 03/08/18

One of my memorable experience ever!!!

I had a prvate session with Darius and Reiki healing really showed me the way to heal myself and others who are connected to my life... That beautiful experienece i had is hard to explain and express with words, need to experience it! I needed that shift that happened to me, in the sertain ares of my life. He saw my energy so well that he also motivated me to move forward and to grow spiritually. I am so glad and happy that universe made this to happen in my life that i met this person. As we all know that nothing is coinsidence, i met him at the right time, when i really needed to learn and experience more about self healing!

- Tata Leban 11/18/14